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Adept I

RX590 issues

RX 590 4g

I really wonder what's causing my Card to show a black screen, it was a green one then blue.

It only lasts about 1 second, and then the Error program comes up.  Windows is still working in the back ground, but your control program RESET and TRIED to start another instance of the program.

Iv had 12 instances of your program, on the Corner.  What would happen if you started a 2nd or 3rd instance of your program?  NOTHING GOOD.

It also forgets that I have a config file, its like the new instance took over and forgot everything.

This generally happens when the program CHECKS your site for updates(I think).  Most of the time there is a new driver coming or the prog wants to update itself.  THAT or you are grabbing DATA and something changed on your site and it cant send it.

FIX YOUR PROGRAM, the Error is the program RESTARTING.

As well as your heat sensors are abit, THERE IS ONLY 1.  WE cant decide if there is a ram problem on your card or what else is happening.

Since we cant do the diagnosing,  IT HAS to be your crappy programming that has SUCKED FOREVER.

Tell us which drivers WORKED and LEAVE the 580 alone.

HOW to get rid of your program so I can use other?

If this keeps up I will return your card for something that works, Or just goto ANYONE ELSE BESIDES YOUR CORP.  Iv used your products for over 20 years.  

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Adept I

I have an idea, Give me the driver and NOT the program.  PLEASE


no answers.?


AND now another update and the program is acting stupid.