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RX590 Fat boy OC Visual Bugs

I been getting visual bugs with my RX590 I cannot see menu items see attached image normally you would be able to see the different tabs etc. I wasnt like this a week ago I recently updated my computer windows 10 update but its effecting everything now. I can really do much in programs like 3ds max. this is kind of urgent I don't know what to do if it doesn't get fix ill have to put in my old Nvidia card so I can just do some work. I am running windows 10 newest updated, my gpu is less than a year old any help would be amaing

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Have you tried changing the display cable? Have you tried with a different monitor? Do you have OC? Obviously, there is no picture to think that your graphics card is faulty. Video memory speed or timing may be causing this. Modified VBIOS may be causing this problem. It may be necessary to reset WattMan settings.

I didnt use any special software to OC the card I am using it out of the box each monitor is having the same issue. I changed to a single display and was having the same issue. I check amd drivers and im currently up to date, same with windows


What is your video memory speed for the moment you are having this problem? Your video memory isn't working properly, but it's hard to tell why. There may be a malfunction. But also it is very difficult to say this.

so I turned the auto tuning to default and restarted and its working for now...I turned it back on and restarted and no change. I turned off for now see if that fixes it for a bit