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RX580 white screen on Nier Automata .HELP PLZ!URGENT!IMPORTANT!

I am using AMD RX580 to play Nier Automata. However every 10-15 minute then the screen will be white.Therefore I cannot even finish the first chapter.

I found lots of people complaining about this too.

Mostly RX 480 and 580 will cause white screen on Nier. However RX480 can play the game through downgrade the driver to 16.11.5 AMD Drivers.

Unfortunately, This does not work on RX580 because the 16.11.5 AMD Driver do not support RX580.

RX580 cannot solve the problem by downgrading the driver but 480 can.That's why i am seeking help for you.Please help those players who are using RX580 like me.

It seems the driver is the cause. RX580 should be able to play Nier Automata for sure.Therefore the current driver may be the reason that cause the problem.Hence , please release a New driver or solve the problem.Please help us.

Seems downgrading the driver is useless for RX 580(RX 480 can).RX 580 just cant.I bought RX 580 to play Nier.

I want to play Nier as I change the Display card for it !

AMD Please.

How can i solve this? Please HELP!!!

It is urgent!Please help us!We would like to enjoy Nier .I am look forward to your help.Thank you very much.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: RX580 white screen on Nier Automata .HELP PLZ!URGENT!IMPORTANT!

There is already an open thread on this issue here : Nier Automata & RX 580

Please continue the discussion there.

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