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Journeyman III

RX580 stuck at max gpu clock after gaming [SOLVED]

Driver version 21.10.2

Gigabyte Aorus RX580 8GB (undervolted to 1060mV)

Ryzen5 2600

16gb DDR4

MSI B450 Mortar Motherboard

Since the latest update, my GPU clock won't come back down to 300mhz.

After i boot, both my GPU clock and Memory clock are at 300mHz, during gaming it goes up to 1365/2000, but after closing the game only my gpu clock stays in its max state (7) @1365Mhz




After alot of reinstalling and other attempts at fixing the problem, i finally had a bit of a breakthrough.

The problem does not lie with the newest driver itself, as i installed *only* the driver this time, and i've had no further problems. It either lies with AMD Wattman or another service in the full install of the current WHQL driver.

Now i only need to find another way to undervolt to avoid my gpu sounding like an airbus.

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