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Adept I

RX580 Strange behaviour installing the latest driver. 22.11.2.

Hello. After the last driver update, 22.11.2 the card (RX580) uses 10% FB.

Every minute FB drops to 0%.
Clock speed, temperature, and power consumption increase.

I thought I caught a virus etc.
But I'm clean after reinstalling the system.
Same on old W10 Home 64 as on freshly installed W10 Pro 64

Someone of you also has this problem?, something new has been added to the driver or is it another bug in the driver.

Scren from Msi Afterburner:

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Adept II

Using 22.11.2, I noticed that sometimes the GPU temperatures and clock would skyrocket even without doing anything. Even with everything closed and only AMD Software open.

The temperature fluctuated between 44 degrees Celsius, then 52 degrees Celsius, then 38 degrees Celsius, then back to 44 degrees Celsius. All this in a fraction of a minute.

I rolled back to version 22.11.1 and everything was back to normal.

GPU: MSI RX 470 Gaming X 4Gb

Adept III

I'm running an old RX580X on our HTPC and have had no such issues at all on the latest driver.

Stable, no temperature issues at all (general HTPC use, GPU rarely moves from 36-38 C).