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Journeyman III

RX580 output only 1 monitor but no other two monitors

Hello Everyone;

I am hoping anyone here can help me. 

I just bought a new PC with Intel i9 and added the Radeon RX580 to the this computer. First, after I install a fresh windows 10, I had two monitors working fine but the Third Monitor was not working, It recognized but no display. Now after I installed the Radeon RX580 driver and software, I got only one Monitor working. The other two aren't working (No display) In the AMD setting, I can see the Monitors is being recognized but it just has no display. If I enable a clone, I will have two monitors working but the other still not working. I am using the DP output for all three monitors. Please let me know if anyone have this issue with me.

here is what I have:

PC = intel i9 with 32gb of ram and windows 10 installed. Brand new computer.

Monitor = Dell U2518D  ... all three monitor are the same. Brand New

Video card = RX580 8gb brand new ... just open from the retail box.

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