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Journeyman III

RX580 DX Crash During Dead Space 2023

I was having issues playing this game with driver 22.1.3 yes a very old one but it was the most stable for my card and all my games excpet DS 2023, So I updated to the 22.11.2's as the current latest once I tried on launch and they gave me loads of issues. But I was playing DS and I paused the game to come to it hanging letting me do nothing, the actual crash info window was behind it and wouldn't let me see until I went into task manager, I've no idea whats going on the only reason why I updated to the 22.11.2s was when qutting DS 2023 with that driver my GPU clock would be 100%, temps stick at 67 and fans around 1800rpm because of my custom fan curve.

The 22.11.2 I dont have that issue but not a lock up and crash issue and I did use DDU to remove the old driver first

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Any chance that's a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error? If so it's a known issue. I wouldn't hold my breath on it getting fixed anytime soon as the RX 580 isn't supported by the game.


Anyways I found that running the game with admin privileges stablezed it enough that I could finish the game. It'll still crash, just less frequently.