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Adept I

RX580 Cyberpunk 2077 Dark character model in menus

I have this problem in game.

Windows 10

RX580 8gb

Ryzen 5 2600

Latest Drivers 22.2.1

Please fixed this bug!



1 Solution

Appreciate your patience, the issue is now resolved in 22.3.2.

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Journeyman III

one more update, and nothing to fix this problem, seriously? think it's clear that amd is not supporting this product, without even notifying consumers in advance, is that legal? I sincerely hope someone will take action with this way of amd treating their consumers.

Adept III

22.3.1, still broken 

Journeyman III

Dale che, cuanto mas van a tardar en arreglarlo? pesimo servicio

Journeyman III

I have this problem with MSI RX 580 8GB too.

Please fix this issue. I think its been a problem for about 3-4 months and its not fixed yet.

I cant Rollback to old drivers because i have other games to play.

If you dont care about your old products, then there is no reason for us to buy your new cards.

дякую що поправили освітлення в новом драйвері Adrenalin 22.3.1

thanks for fixing the lighting in the new driver Adrenalin 22.3.1

Adept I

Even though it took you so long, thanks for finally fixing the issue.

AMD should really ask the game studio, to update the Cyberpunk's system requirements, which states that the 6800XT is for Ultra only. Thank's to the 2.1 FSR update of FidelityFX especially (Performance) and the imagesharpening 2.1 it does Raytracing medium in 1080p, with average 56,7 fps gaming, beautifully! at 48C, around 50% fan speed, on my Aorus Master c!

 I chose to "zero" shadows and local- and sun- reflections, since they are not worth the extra heat or fan noice, but they work too, when OC-ing the bejesus out of the Master C card, on Gigabytes standard OC settings at 99C and at gaming console fps speed, and down, on 1444p resolution.