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Journeyman III

RX580 8GB - Lost signal and black screen every 5 or 10 min.

When I'm using anything on my pc. Screen lost and goes black randomly. After 1 or 2 second screen came back but there is a issue. Before one ore two weeks ago there was a no problem. I didn't solve problem. What i checked and tried for solution:
-Checked my HDMI and DISPLAY PORT 1.2 cable. There is no problem.
-Uninstalled, cleaned and re-installed amd drivers.
-Updated Windows 10.
-Tried another monitor.
-Tried undervolting, overclocking and standart configurations for my card.
-I am using a 75hz monitor i tried 60hz and freesync too but problem did not stop.
-Cleaned my case and check the power and other cables.
-Checked power usage for cpu and gpu, there is no spike or abnormal situation.
-Enhanced Sync is off.

For quick look there is my setup: Ryzen 2600, Sapphire Nitro+ rx580 8gb, Asrock B450M HDV 4.0, High Power 500W power supply, Adata 8+8 3000mhz ram.

Thanks for answers and help.

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