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Journeyman III

RX5700XT Crush with DUO monitors

I have been suffering with problems with my Gigabyte RX 5700XT for almost a year, black screen, computer reboots, etc. were happening all the time.
Sometimes it happened in games, sometimes just when browsing.
I tried, probably, all the options that were offered on reddit, this forum, and so on (I even bought a new psu much better than the one that is needed for my build), but nothing helped and I just resigned myself. Recently I noticed a post from a person who was experiencing the same problems, and he, like me, had a setup: duo monitors, the first 144 hz, the second 60 hz.

Now I have one 165hz 2k monitor connected via DisplayPort, and the second 1280x1024 60hz connected via HDMI (via a converter to VGA).
After turning off the second monitor, all my problems went away. Not a single departure (playing Cyberpunk now). Before that, there were crash every day several times

I am happy and depressed at the same time.

I tried to buy a VGA to DisplayPort adapter so that both monitors work via DisplayPort, but the computer rebooted when I first opened the game (loading the location).

Are there people with the same problem? What can help? Buying a second 165hz monitor? Also 2k? I do not have the opportunity to experiment with all possible options, given that crash sometimes needs to wait for several hours while playing.

I need 2 monitors for work, now I see the only option - to turn off the second one when I want to play, but maybe there are other options?

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Adept I

Hi Kml, I just had the same problem when I bought my PC 3 weeks ago, my computer crashed with every drivers I tested (even the 20.8.3 driver.). The thing is, I saw somewhere that says that the problem wasn't coming from AMD gpus drivers but from Windows, especially the latest version which is the 20H2.


What I did was to go back to the older version of Windows (Windows 10 2004) and I had no problems, my computer is currently running with Windows 10 2004 and the latest GPU driver (20.11.2). Maybe you should give it a try. Feel free to PM/ask me if there's any problems.