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Adept II

RX5700XT black screen/crash with "light" games and Adrenalin 20.x.x

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a lot of issue with a ROG 5700XT that I recently bought.
First of all, this is my rig:

AMD Ryzen 3800x

Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5

4x8 GB G.skill 3200 MHz CL15 @ 3600 MHz CL16

ROG Strix 5700XT

Corsair HX620

LG 27GL850 (connected via Displayport)

Unfortunatly I'm facing the black screen issues that involves a lot of 5700XT (with sound freeze and reboot of the system with WHEA ID: 18), but in my case the problem is only with "light" games like CS:GO and Dragon Ball:Kakarot and always with Adrenalin 20.x.x driver.

In fact this issue involves only that games, while I can run Battlefield V for hours and hours.

These are the attemps that I have made since now:

- set the ram to 2133 MHz,

- install different bios (F42e, F50a, F50e)

- update the vBIOS to the last available version

- downclock and undervolt the GPU (up to 1000 MHz 1 V) or to change in a lot of ways the curve freq/volt

- run the system on a clean installation of Windows 10 20H2 (with all the last availables updates) with only the video and the chipset driver installed
- change the refresh frequency of the monitor to 60-120-144 Hz
- every time that I changed the video driver I made a clean with DDU and then install the driver (release tryed: 19.12.1, 20.4.2, 20.9.1, 20.11.1, 20.11.2, 20.12.1)

- stressed for hours with 3D Mark and MSI Kombustor without any issue

- I also logged the videocard parameters with GPU-z during more than one crash, but I didn't recognize any spike of voltage or incoherent data

The black screens and crashes happened only when I'm playing with CS:GO and Dragon Ball: Kakarot (even on the menù of the games and anyway in the early 30-60 seconds).

Honestly I don't think this issue is related to a power supply issue because:

- CS:GO and DB:K are not "power hungry games"

- BFV is much more stressfull and 3DMark and MSI Kombustor even more, and I didn't face any issue

- if I rollback to the Adrenalin 19.12.1 I can play CS:GO, DB:K for hours without any crash.

I think this is an issue related to the driver itself and no one else than amd can solve it.

Anyway, any idea is welcome if can help me.

Thank you.

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Adept I

i have same problem 3700x and 5700xt running with amd 20.5.1 getting the most stable version of my pc sadly i cant afford buying intel stuff to have a normal working machine as amd doesnt respond to hundreds of us having the same problem money wins sadly dreams gets destroyed and big companies get richer. try amd 20.5.1 drivers and msi afterburner for custom curve i am struggling to fix bsod from the moment i built pc feb2020 till now still not fixed tryed every possible solution online exept rma cpu 


Thank you for your reply. It’s a cold comfort, but at least I’m not alone. I hope that both will find a solution.

In the next days I will receive a new Corsair AX760 (I already have to buy a newone): I hope to solve my issues otherwise I thing I will change my videocard.


i dont think its a  gpu problem i think its a chipset  - cpu voltage problem try to rma cpu if its on warranty


Before the 5700XT I had an RX480 that ran without any issue for more than 3 years, even with the 3800x.

I suppose the cause of the issues is either the power supply (I found out that with the Adrenalin 20 the boost is much more aggressive than with 19.12.1 and this could create instability if my power supply is not enough robust) or an incompatibility with the chipset x370 that is quite old if compared to the 5700xt.


dont think its a CPU issue its a GPU issue is what i think if u look around these forums others are having the same issue


what you can do is get a cheap geforce card till the drivers fix the problem

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Genau meine Meinung, seit meinen PC Neuaufbau im November ist das ein mehr oder weniger lästiges Problem. Ich hatte mich dazu entschlossen alles auf AMD zu setzten, bei der Grafikkarte bin ich enttäuscht. Bei Nvidea hatte ich nie solche Probleme, wenn doch, weil meine letzte GTX 970 an ihre Leistungsgrenzen kam. Das Bild wurde eingefroren und danach konnte man weiterspielen. Das ist einfach ein Treiberproblem zwischen Win 10 und Grafiksoftware. Man kann in den Grafikeinstellungen in Windows der Radeon-Software das Zepter in der Energieeinstellung übergeben. Danach hatte ich keine Probleme mehr.


in any case I wouldn't oc the ram as it can cause random restart/ shutdowns

let it at 3200 max (CL16, as CL15 is for intel i think)

and then start tests from here



psu should be ok , but you never know , if you can check with another 700W/750W one maybe


Today I should receive a new psu (Corsair AX760) and I will check with it and report here the results of the tests.

About the memory, I tryed to set it to 2133 MHz and with 20.x.x. the system crashed after few seconds of CS:GO.


yup , i saw you tested at 2133mhz,  but whatever , i wouldn't try to set back to 3600 before being sure to find the problem as 3600 instead of 3200 can add new problems too, it can't really help to solve

Adept I

Hi guys for the black screen crash, I had the same problem and was afraid that my power supply wasn't enough (600W). However I saw somewhere that says that the latest version of Windows (20H2) was the problem and to fix this, I had to go back to the Windows 10 2004 version, this is what I did and since then, I don't have any issues anymore, maybe you should try this.


I hope this will help !


Thank you to everyone for the help.

First of all, the problem is still with me :smileymad:

I changed the power supply but the crashes continue. I also tryed to remove 2 x 8GB of ram and rollbacked to Windows 10 2004 but the system still crash.

I found out that before the WHEA Error that cause the crash, I have almost always a volmgr event 161: I have figured out that this is an issue related to the energy management of the graphics card (or something similar), but I don't have any idea how to solve it.


i try to see what's this volmgr 161 ... maybe try a clear cmos ? try to unplug the card replug it ?

volmgr 161 is about the dump file not being written no? hard drive errors ?



Tryed a clear cmos, re-seat the graphic card, a new kit of ram 2x8GB 2400 MHz, disable the audio card, change the management of the paging file. In every case, the system crashes with CS:GO and DB:K. 
Rolling back to 19.12.1 and every issue disappear.
The problem is the driver and only AMD can solve it!!! Could be useful if someone of AMD heard our requests of help and reply to these posts to investigate the problem but seems that no one want to do anything!


ok , but , not sure it's a driver related problem (not directly at least) as if it was, there would lot more people still having the exactly same issue (seem there are less for several month so something as been corrected) ... if really you don't have issues in any other game then this two , i would stick with it for now ..

did you check temperatures of all your components ?

i just checked your lg display it's an 144 hz ... could it be related to high refresh rates ? did you test with 120 hz or even 60 ?


A user in another forum tested CS:GO with a ROG 5700 (not XT) without any issue. But in that case he has a motherboard with X570 chipset. In my opinion, the reason of the crash is an incompatibility between my motherboard and the videocard due to some parameters that AMD changes with Adrenalin 20.x.x or in combination with the chipset driver.

The temperatures are great, I have a Noctua NH-D15 for the cpu and 4 Noctua fans for the internal airflow.

About the refresh, I tryed 60-120-144 MHz with DisplayPort and crash in every case.

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Gehe in Windows 10 zu Einstellungen, System, Anzeige unten zu Grafikeinstellungen und aktiviere deine AMD Grafik (exe). Dann kannst du das Energielevel dort einstellen. Danach nur noch in der Grafiksoftware bei den Spielen den gleichen Level. Ich hatte das gemacht und dann keinen schwarzen Bildschirm, auch im Desktopbetrieb mehr, bei gleicher Grafikkarte 750 Watt Netzteil 16Gb Arbeitsspeicher und AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X


I should have find a solution to my issues.

I have found out 2 problems:

  1. a corruption (or a alignment between registers or something similar)
  2. and a problem with the frequency / voltage set by default on my ROG 5700XT.

To solve the first one I followed these steps:

  • restore the factory parameters into the overclocking section of Adrenalin;
  • reboot the system in safe mode and uninstall the Adrenalin driver;
  • reboot another time in safe mode and clean with DDU;
  • reboot and flash a new one bios for my graphics card downloaded from the techpowerup site;
  • install the driver Adrenalin (20.9.1.);
  • reboot and then restore the factory parameters into the overclocking section of Adrenalin. Repete 3 times this step.

With this procedure I solved the crashed that occured suddenly after some seconds that I played a game, but I found out that after 5-10 minutes of playing the system crashed anyway.

I played with frequency and voltage and the results of my investigation is that the frequency-voltage-PL setted by ASUS as default are not stable. Now I'm stable with 2034 MHz, 1,14 V (the voltage that Adrenalin set automaticaly basing on the curve freq-volt), PL +20% and to be sure of it I benched for 3 hours with CS:GO. I know that could seem strange to test with a "light" game as CS:GO, but this game (as well Dragon Ball:Kakaroth) pointed out my instability, while with the same parameters I was able to pass 2 hours of stress testing with Superposition and 3D Mark or one hour of playing with Battlfield V.

I hope my post will help someone to solve these annoying problems.