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Journeyman III

Rx5700XT Bad Performace in Unreal 4 based Games


Why the RX5700XT performs so bad in Games with Unreal 4 Engine (like in Game "SCUM")

I test all - and when i say all it means test over 20h to fix the shuttering.

I talk with SCUM Game developer- we test a lot of things.

All possible settings in Radeon Software and GAme are testet.

 I test to play the Game "SCUM" on a Gaming Notebook with intel 7700 and Nvidia 1060M

its better an run without any lags on mid settings - better than rx5700xt !!!!!!!!!

In my system i not can play the Game with lowest settings.. 80-130 FPS but soo many Shittering or lag spikes all 5-10 sek.

AMD what can i do ?

I found so may other post in web.. there many players they have Problems with Unreal 4 Engine Bases Games with this Card.


Ryzen 1700x



Corsair HX850w Power Suppy

Asus B350 PLUS Mainboard

Samsung m.2 SSD

all checked.. PCIE 16 Lanes, CPU and GPU temps.. and so many other settings.

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