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Journeyman III

RX5700 video and audio stutters on 2nd screen

RX 5700, Ryzen 5 3600X, 32Gb ram, Corsair TX650M, 650W PSU.

Newest driver 21.4.1

Main screen: AOC G2770PF Freesync 144Hz

2nd Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster S27B350 60Hz


Had this problem for about 6 months now.

Randomly my 2nd monitor video and audio starts to stutter when i run any graphic on my main screen. Happens atleast 1 per month.

The video and audio stutters, as if you ran out of cpu power. 

It gets as bad that Youtube switches quality, as if you ran out of gpu power, the video can also freeze completly.

I have mostly noticed it when i play a game(Final Fantasy 14 running in windowed fullscreen) on my main monitor and have Youtube running on my 2nd screen.

- If i run the game in fullscreen, everything is fine.

- Usally happens if the driver/game crashes in Final Fantasy 14, but happend today with the WVD Client as well.

- I have to restart the computer to get it to work normaly again.

It also happend today when i ran rdp software, Windows Virtual Desktop Client to a Windows Server 2019.


I uploaded a Youtube video of the problem:

I found another thread on reddit about the exact same issue, he "fixed it" by returning it and going with a nvidia card...:

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