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Adept I

RX5700 fan problem.

Hi, I've got a problem with setting up a fan curve for my Gigabyte RX 5700 GAMING OC gpu.

The main issue is the fans switch off when idle which is a problem because the gpu is blocking the chipset fan so the temps are higher than normal when idle and the problem with that is that it triggers them off quite easy in windows just by doing basic things like web browsing or watching a youtube clip.

Anyway, is there a way to have the fans running at a low rpm when idle whiles using the auto setting? The reason I say the auto setting is that when I use the manual setting, I can set the fan to stay on when idle but then it messes up the fan curve where it ramps up a lot more than needed when gaming so it sounds a lot loader than I would want.

Also, has anyone been able to set up a manual fan curve that actually works off the temps and rpm you set? Because it seems to have a mind of its own where the settings I put in work to a degree but something is overriding it, maybe the gpu bios, but anyway, I checked, gpu junction and memory temps and all are quite low but the fans kick in too aggressive which sounds quite noisy and it seems to do this when junction and memory temps are around 55c.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

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Adept II

Probably same problems as me. 


Yeah, I have the same problem you said with problem 1 where it doesn't increase in a smooth line and does it in step, problem 2 seems to be the same as me where the reported fan speed is very different from the actually fan speed and in my case, I need to set it to 24 before the fans are switched on when idle.

Also, MSI Afterburner doesn't work as it doesn't seem to detect any settings of the fan and I've tried a few other programs with no luck.

Problem 3 is the same as what you are having where I have to load the profile on each boot up for it to work even thought it says the settings are already loaded up.

Anyway, I've tried everything I can think of and the only real solution I have is to have a fan profile I load up when in Windows for idle kind of work and then use auto setting for gaming as that seems to work better at keeping the noise level down and the temps in check, it's not perfect but the manual setting seems to have a mind of its own.

Anyway, if I find a solution, I'll keep you posted.


Just an update, I might've found a kind of solution to the problem, it's not perfect but it's better than what I had before.

For some strange reason, when I set all the fan profiles to the idle fan settings, it seems to work like the auto setting which allows me to keep the fans running when idle whiles also having the fans stay quiet whiles gaming, normally that should really heat up the cards but it seems the bios is kicking in and overriding it and even with manual fan curves, it's acting like auto fan curve with the benefit of fans staying on when idle.

I tested it out with over 2 hours gaming and it seems to keep the core temp at around 65c and the junction temps around 75c which rises to about 80c and then the fans rev up and brings it back to 75c and the cycle continues.

With that, the temps are in check and it's really quiet with the fan rpm working in the range of 650rpm to 1500rpm.

Only problem now is needing to load the profile on starting windows but one step at a time lol.

This might work for others but if any of you try this out, keep an eye on the temps to see if it keeps them in check and they don't rise too high.


Dosnt help me because i want to run the fans faster than the graphics card bios. Broken fan curve is usable, but settings not applying after reboot is annoying.


I've found on mine that I can have the fans to run higher, it seems to work for me where if I set the fan curve to be around 800rpm, the fans will go to 1400rpm.

At the moment I have mine set at 650rpm for all the fan curves which I know doesn't make any sense and you would think the card would over heat but I get the impression that the bios on the card is overriding it and ramping the fans up.

Basically, it's allowing me to have the auto settings for the fans whiles having keeping the fans on when idle, it also allows me to nudge the fans up whiles gaming but it's not perfect on that, hence why I've got it set to 650rpm, I would rather have it at 1200rpm but the bios kicks in and pushes it to around 2000rpm which is a bit too loud for my liking.

As it is now, it doesn't really go about 1500rpm and mostly stays around 1000rpm, it's silence at 1200rpm and pretty quiet at 1500rpm.

From what I've seen, it seems to keep the core temp at around 65c and the junction/hot spot temp around 75c which rises to 80c where the fans go up a bit to cool it back down to 75c and it goes through the same cycle over and over, never seen my hot spot temp go above 81c no matter what I throw at it.

Adept II

Fans are faster because its working security system - core might be 65-70 and its working, but when ur hot spot reaches 100 and over degrees - fans start to spin faster

Adept I

I got an even worser issue with the fans. Today my fans just started at 100° !!!!!!!!! AMD fix it or it kills our graphic cards!