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Journeyman III

RX5700 Driver Update No Display

Hi all

VERY new.  Starting here before I head to see if I can find a Tech to put their hands on the CPU.

I just upgraded driver on my RX5700.  I have Dell SE2717HR monitors hanging off the card.   The driver downloaded, and noted the computer would need to restart and upon restart the driver would update the rX5700.  

Unfortunately, when the computer re-boots I get a Resolution Unsupported on the monitor noting to change the input to 1080p/60.  None of the outputs on the graphics card will display the computer.  And the stock HDMI output off the motherboard does not seem to be active either?  

Is the card outputting 3840x2160?  Which is why I get an unsupported resolution.  I don't have the skillset to get in too deep, but hoped there may be something I'm missing, that I could manage myself without spending too much addl $$ by taking it in to someone. 

Aaahhh, a final 'bleep you' from 2020....

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  


2 Replies

Try WIN+CTRL+SHIFT+B when you’re sure it’s at the login screen or desktop. (Shortcut for display ‘Reset’)

Failing that try hitting F4 while windows is loading which should bring up or just start safe mode.

Failing that.. power off or restart the PC 3 times while windows is starting and it should bring up a Troubling shooting / Different boot options. Might be able to rollback Or start with no video drivers etc.


Thankyou ScotchFury! 
I'll get them a try.  I appreciate your reply.


Have a great day