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Journeyman III

Rx570 drivers problem with displayport

Hello, I have Rx570 gigabyte 4gb graphic card. I plug 2 monitors. One hdmi to hdmi monitor and one display port to hdmi monitor. When drivers didn't install both monitor work as duplicate. While install the drivers i have signal only to hdmi to hdmi monitor. The other one had message "no signal". I try to detect to windows but it cant recognized. I have windows 10 home 64bit. I try to install drivers from 1)cd rom 2)internet official site 3) windows update. Thanks 

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What happens if you disconnect HDMI-HDMI Monitor and just connect the DP-HDMI Monitor? does it work?

Also found out that DP is not compatible with HDMI unless you use an Adapter.  So you would need an "Active" DP-HDMI Adapter to make your monitor compatible with the DP output if the DP isn't DP++ (Dual Mode DP). If your output is DP++(Dual Mode DP) then you can use a "Passive" DP-HDMI adapter. Don't know how you can tell if your DP output is DP or DP++. Just learned about while looking for an answer to your post.

This previous thread explains about DP++: What does it mean?? DP adaptor Active-Passive? D++ Stop the Madness | Tom's Hardware Forum 

Did your Dual Monitors with your current adapter work with an previous AMD Driver version?

If i disconnect  HDMI-HDMI adapter nothing happent.I have active adapter from DP to HDMI and then i use HDMI to HDMI cable. Without graphic card drivers work fine. Maybe rx570 driver bug or some settings. Hardware work fine without RX570 drivers. 


One way to eliminate the Adapter and cable is by connecting the DP output directly to a DP Monitor and see if it works. If it works then you know it is either the adapter or cable or monitor. IF it doesn't work it could indicate a bad DP port on your GPU card.

Installing the GPU card on another compatible computer and see if the DP port works. If not I would probably open an RMA Warranty and see if the manufacturer believes it should be RMAed or maybe they may suggest a tip to get it to work.

You can try an older previous AMD Driver and see if it works. If it works then it is a bug in the latest AMD Driver.

I dont thing that its a hardware problem. When computer start (Bios logo + black letters) both of the screens work. When windows started the problem begin. Where can i find the previous version of amd drivers ? Thank you 


Here is the link to AMD Download page for previous Drivers for the RX570: Radeon™ RX 570 Previous Drivers | AMD 

Let me know if a previous older AMD Driver fixes your problem. If it does or doesn't, I suggest you open a AMD Support Request from here: Online Service Request | AMD 

Note: one possibility could be a defective DP port on your GPU card.

Journeyman III

I am sorry to say that i have almost the same problem. I am using 3 monitors. All 3 monitors are DVI monitors.. This means i use 1 DVI-DVI connection, 1 DVI-HDMI adapter and 1 Display port-DVI adapter.

I have no clue if any are active adapters but i doubt it since i bought the cheapest stuff i could find.

Something interesting to add is the fact that i dual boot my computer between Windows 10 and MAC OS Mojave.

While Booted in MAC OS all 3 monitors work with no problems. Only when using windows the monitor attached to the display port receives no signal. It is actually not detected by the software.

In my opinion this confirms that the display port issue i, at least in part, a software problem.

I hope this helps a genius out there solve this problem since it is really annoying.


Journeyman III

I also have this, Windows 20.04. Without drivers, I get the two monitors working, HDMI to HDMI and DP to HDMI (passive). Works on ASUS Bios (UEFI), Boot sequence of Windows. In the windows login screen and further, the DP is completely disabled. Windows can't detect the connected Display (tried an TCL Roku HDTV and a BenQ GW2750 monitor). Tried with latest Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.5.1 Optional and with Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.2 Recommended (WHQL) (factory reset on both installations).


hi im in the same situation with a converter, thats a dp to vga and it doesnt works, the system starts and works like 5 minutes then turn off a couple times and the screen shows a text that says no signal detected, any fix on it?