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Adept I

Rx5600xt installed on server 2008 r2 no open cl


I installed a 5600xt on a server 2008 r2 system by modding the driver to say win server instead of 7 and using the I have a disk option from device manager. The card doesn’t have working open cl or video output how would I manually install it to get the card to work?

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That GPU card has regular Win10/11 and Radeon Pro drivers but none for that unsupported Windows 2008 R2 OS:

Seems like the most probable problem is that Windows Server version is not compatible with that GPU Card even if you were able to modify the AMD Installation package to install.

What AMD Driver version are you using that you modified to work in that OS system?

I was able to find this Radeon Pro for Windows Server 2008 r2 which seems to be the last driver for that OS, but not really sure of that:

You can always post your question at AMD Forum's Server GURU and see if someone there has been able to make the RX 5000 series GPU Cards work with that unsupported Windows Server OS from here:


I modified 20.9.1 after reading this Reddit post


I also tried the instructions from the Reddit post with software 19.1.1 and it said it was not supported.

It seems like none of these workarounds to get the driver installed  on 2008 r2 work any more.