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Journeyman III

RX5600 XT Black screen flickering while in-game

Recently I started to get black flickering screens (99% in-game). At the very beginning of the issue,  It used to blink for a few minutes and then go fully fuzzy/grainy like old TVs. I tried to use DDU, reinstall Windows, unplug and plug GPU, change display cables (currently using dual monitor, main one is with dvi to hdmi convertor and second monitor is hdmi).

I am not sure if it is related to GPU (drivers I mean). I built this PC last summer and never had this kind of a problem. And a second thing which is really weird : It occurs when I am in specific games (Like, It happens when I try to play Escape from Tarkov and Black Desert Online and sometimes in LoL but It never happens I play Rocket League. I tried multiple display settings for each game) and if I change the display of the game to Windowed Screen and take it to my second screen, I can keep playing with no FPS or lag problems on my second monitor (Btw, blinkings/flickerings keep doing in the first screen). This may be a sign of that It is not related to hardware. 

Since I use dual-monitor, I also tried to use single monitor by trying both of the monitors and same thing keeps happening. 

Here is a video I could record : (1) Black screen flickering when In-game - YouTube (Problem starts occurring at 0:25)

PC Specs:

  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600

  • GPU: Sapphire RX 5600 XT BE

  • RAM: 2x8 3200Mhz DDR2 CL17

  • HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM

  • SSD: SanDisk 240Gb


  • PSU: EVGA 600W 80+ Bronze,

  • Both of my screens are 60hz 1920x1080


Small update: I had to record a video using OBS and it happened for few  times in 5 minutes. It may be a useful information.


Thanks in advance for all replies

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