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Journeyman III

RX Vega 56 Driver problems

I recently got a new graphics card (rx Vega 56) and when I download any sort of driver it brings a lot of problems with it such as green/purple screen overlays lots of bluescreens as well as mouse not working smoothly and my audio not working normally (crashing sounds in between whatever I listen to.When I do not have any drivers installed all of these problems are solved and everything works fine except my graphics card there is no way for me to use my graphics card without a driver because no game or software recognised it. I have a recommended power supply and I'm almost 100% sure that my motherboard is compatitible. I tried countless drivers, tens of hours trying to solve everything but everytime I end up in the same place ''I need a driver''. I really hope there is someone here who could help me out because I just want to use my new graphics card thank you in advance.

Greetings Tim Bosman

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Adept III

Try updating chipset and bios and see if that does work.
For me i had instaler hang with outdated chipset and bios on 19.7.1 which was only recoverable by system restore...
Chipset and bios upgrade worked great for me.