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Adept I

RX 7600 Driver Errors - DX12 issue ? Reproducible Driver Crash Scenario . Please address

Troubleshooting steps taken :

(tested below scenario after every troubleshooting step with the same result)

  • Used DDU to uninstall all graphics drivers
  • Reinstalled all drivers with software (23.7.2)
  • Removed drivers again and tried installing graphics drivers only 
  • Completely removed all game files and reinstalled multiple times 
  • Ran the AMD Adrenalite stress test on the GPU to make sure the GPU itself wasnt faulty 
  • Installed Windows 11
  • Tested using Driver V 23.5.1 (oldest available from the site)


I posted recently as a response to another user's request but thought it would be best to make my own.

I recently purchased an RX7600 which is my first rodeo with an AMD GPU and am absolutely shocked at how many crashes occur.

I know this can be hard for the dev team to nail down specific issues so I wanted to post my exact reproducible scenario here in hopes others can try this out and confirm

The main driver issues seem to stem from DirectX 12, but I've received issues elsewhere as well.


Crash Scenario :

  • Game: Fortnite
  • Graphics Mode : DirectX12
  • Attempt to turn on Ray tracing / nanite.


The above scenario will without fail cause your game to crash. This seems to be agnostic of resolution, windowed mode, and other quality presets.

It looks like any time DX 12 tries to interact with the RT-involved cores the GPU just dies

Messing further with settings ive also had my entire GPU driver crash causing the system to fully reboot, although I haven't reliably found the scenario which causes this.


Can any others with an RX7600 please confirm these issues ?



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Journeyman III

Yes this issue is real.  I posted about it on r/AMDHelp yesterday.

On RX 7600, Fortnite DirectX 12 doesn't work anymore

Journeyman III

I'm still having this issue with activating Nanite in Fortnite for over a month. It began with Fortnite update in August. My RX 7600 was running well with Ray Tracing in Fortnite before. A week ago I've asked Epic Games support for help and as for today there's no solution. They've just proposed to launch Fortnite with disabled Nanite function. Of course I tried everything they recommended and everything I could find on Youtube and games forums about this issue fixing. No way!

Journeyman III

I have this issue too

Disabled only Nanite in Fortnite settings and the game doesn't crash anymore