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Journeyman III

RX 7600 - Crashing games

Hello, some days ago i upgrade my PC from a 1060 6gb to an RX 7600, my PC Is quite old, infact i have a i5-8400 as CPU and i know that using this CPU i would have the bottleneck problem, but probably in a few month i Will upgrade It to fix it. Having mounted the new GPU and installed all the latest drivers my PC begin Crashing every time i try to play games, such as warzone, fifa or fortnite. This is quite strange since benchmarking my PC works, It doesnt crash. I try reinstalling drivers but nothing changes. Does anyone faced the same problem or It Is Just my damaged GPU? There are some homemade solution or i should send back It?

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What power supply make and model are you running?

Did you run DDU to remove all things Nvidia ..reboot .. and then install latest drivers from website?

Maybe check your BIOS for PCIe settings and see if  you can set to GEN3 .. or if you only have GEN1/GEN2/AUTO, then set to GEN2. I have no clue what settings are afforded you in your motherboard's BIOS but just speculating based on an issue I had when the 5700XT first came out and it was crashing on my x470 Master SLI/ac .. I had to manually set to GEN2 due to AUTO not knowing how to negotiate with a GEN4 card. It was rectified with a BIOS update that changed AUTO to GEN3

Your old motherboard doesn't do PCIe 4.0 at all so it might not know how to negotiate with a GEN4 card either.

You could check for BIOS updates for your motherboard .. might help .. might not


ThreeDee PC specs

In using a cooler master masterwatt 600w, should be' enough lookomg at buildmypc. Yes, i have uninstalled all Nvidia drivers and installed AMD drivers but nothing changed.

Now i have also tryed to set gen3 but It didn't work, i still have the same problem, After a few minutes games crash.

I also tryed to install all the motherboards drivers but still.. nothing changed.


Your PSU is not a Masterwatt Lite is it?

IF just Masterwatt, then it's only considered low end

IF Masterwatt Lite, then it should be replaced immediately according to this site:

ThreeDee PC specs

i dont remember at the moment but one of my friend has the same pc and it works.... today i try to use my gpu on his pc, and it doesn't work, probably my gpu is defective.

i'm going to send it back.. so unlucky

Adept I

I got RX 7600XT two days ago and have constant crashing in Warzone , and what i noticed , game fill all vram and game crash. Every single other game works fine. Tried different drivers, used ddu. Nothing helps . Its really annoying . Used RTX 2060 for couple of years without single problem.