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Journeyman III

rx 6950 XT drivers crash


I have had the pleasure of enjoying the great performance of the rx6950 xt but the amd adrenalin software keeps crashing. I do not have any overclocking enabled and i reinstalled the drivers with DDU. I play a great Variety of Games and some (for example Grand Theft Auto V) have not had these issues. Its specific to games only. I thought that it might be an issue with vram but that cant be the case since read dead redemption 2 runs fine at very high settings (it requires about 12-13 GB of vram at my settings) 

Ive noticed that Especially Unreal Engine games crash the driver usually in the first 10 minutes. if it doesn't crash its fine for the whole session. I have no idea what i can do to fix it since i don't even know what im really looking for, pls help

My Specs:

Amd ryzen 3800x 

Asus Prime B550+

3200 mhz ddr4 corsair vengeance (2x16 GB)

Asus Tuf Rx 6950 Xt (driver version: 23.5.2)

I have one Monitor


Thank you for your Help

Error message example ( happens with vulkan aswell)Error message example ( happens with vulkan aswell)

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