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Journeyman III

rx 6800 xt Vram slider

Hello All!

In the Adrenalin software under the performance tab I selected Manual.

For a time the Vram slider was working/available, now the digit box has the maximum setting of 2150 while the machine hovers at 2136 and the slider does not move and is fixed at 0 (zero) but still hovers at 2136.

My actual problem is not being able to control this now when I once was. I have two cards for mining to pay the power bill and am unable to tweak the settings for maximum hash power. 

Any input or guidance is welcome so thanks in advance!



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Adept III

Yeah it's a driver bug, happens after some time.
The solve it set back the tuning profile to automatic, reset computer and after that enable manual profile and tune it. It will get stuck again after some time. I don't know how to fix it for good...