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Adept I

RX 6800 - BSOD & driver crash

CPU - Intel i5-9600k
GPU - Sapphire Radeon RX 6800
PSU - Seasonic Focus GX 550W 80 plus Gold
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB x4
Mainboard: MSI Z370-A pro
OS: Windows 10 Pro, on latest build

Bought a Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 at launch, first time using an AMD gpu.
It has great performance but I already had 3 blue screens, I know they are blue screens because I checked the event viewier in Windows. For me these blue screens just looked like the whole computer froze, both the display and audio.
Couldn't see the actual blue screen because I guess the gpu caused it.
I uninstalled the drivers using DDU but I don't remember if the third blue screen happened after it or before.
Today I had two classic driver crashes, screen going black and coming back after a while.
The second one happened right when I started writing this post.
Maybe these driver crashes happened because I undervolted the card a bit (to maybe like 970 volts at max 2100 MHz? I don't remember), but in games or furmark it didn't crash or cause any artifacts.

Anybody else had any problems like these?
I will try to update the situation if it changes.
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Adept III

i don't think that 550w PSU is enough for this card, maybe this is your problem. 


If the PSU isn't enough, wouldn't my system just restart instad of blue screen?

Adept II

Might be the PSU.  They recommend a 650W, so it could be an issue.

That being said a couple simple things to try are drivers without software, by stopping the install when after it extracts then using device manager to update the driver.  That fixed my 5800 black screen issues.

I would suggest going as stock as possible, and updating all of your drivers and bios's, then roll back drivers on the GPU until you get some stability.  All of this could just be your PSU though.

Journeyman III

Under normal circumstances your 550W should be enough even though they recommend 650.  I've seen systems with 2080 Tis run fine with 550W PSUs.


But the 6000 series seems to have a power spiking issue noticed by some reviewers when the card is just starting to rev up for some games.


I have a similar problem where the card works fine in games and benchmarks (and on Windows desktop, no BSOD) but it takes 5-10 resets after a restart for the card to detect my displays.  I wonder if the problem is related in some way.

Adept I

And the blue screen happened again, when I wasn't doing anything intensive, just web browsing.


Web browsering processes can instantly overload the GPU and the CPU. While the PSU is generating the energy required for this load, an overload may occur and a restart may occur, or a loading close to capacity may occur and a voltage drop and then a blue screen may occur.

Buy a good PSU. 750w gold or better.

Adept I

Turns out it was hardware acceleration, 550W PSU was well enough.