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Journeyman III

Rx 6700 xt losing fps until windows 10 reinstall


Yesterday I decided to reinstall Windows 10 because I noticed I had been lacking performance. I was comparing my results to what they should look like and found out my PC way performing way below expectations. After looking through many forums and post I found no answer to my problem, so hereby;

As I said I had been having some low fps issues. First I thought this was game related. In this instance I was playing red dead redemption. Then found out the problem proceeded in assassin's Creed unity too. Around 50-60 fps on average.

I tried to find a solution but everything I tried made no difference, for example: reinstalling drivers by uninstalling them with DDU in safe mode, overclocking, undervolting, enabling XMP, updating BIOS, making sure there's no high temps, etc

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that maybe just reinstalling my whole windows OS could be a solution, did so on my ssd, clean wipe and a cloud Win 10 install. 

Downloaded the recommended amd drivers (21.8.2) and launched assassin's Creed Unity. And surely enough I got 80-110 fps which is what I was expecting to get in the first place. 

I then install MSI afterburner for some proper monitoring and I was all of a sudden right back to 50-60 fps. Uninstalling MSI afterburner didn't change anything until I got to work with DDU and reinstalled my drivers again. Solved some framerate issues but surely better than the what it was.


Today I installed the stuff on my PC that I need, want, just the usual apps you have running. I also wanted to get further in depth with the issue so I relaunched my game and fps is now hitting 50 max. 

Now I did know that I was running 2133mhz ram so I initially thought that by upgrading this, I would solve something. But it was bare minimum.


I am suspecting that there is some kind of driver issue but I honestly don't know. Rdr2 runs 50 fps in towns but a 110 in the open world. Assassin's Creed unity runs bad overall. Watched a video from RandomGamingHD with an RX 6600 and an i5 10400f with 100fps+ everywhere in rdr2.

So I am sorry if I seem kind of desperate but I am kind of desperate since I am rather stuck on low performance. 

If you look into this post then thanks in advance, Niels


My specs: 

Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X motherboard

Radeon Rx 6700 xt (Stable OC)

I7 9700kf (No OC)

DDR4 vengeance ram 2x16 3600mhz

750w Corsair power supply

Kingston 240gb ssd

Seagate 1tb hdd

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