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RX 6700 XT eGPU setup not detecting card

Sapphire RX 6700 XT eGPU (Razer Core) does not detect card. Although using it on desktop detects and runs fine.

I tried even with the latest driver, not detected.

The eGPU detects other cards with plug-and-play and no problems

To me it seems like a driver issue but let me know what other problem it could be. Thanks.

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If you have a Razor Core X under GPU Compatibility it doesn't show any RX 6000 Series GPU cards as being  compatible:

Screenshot 2021-09-21 175910.png

Screenshot 2021-09-20 220119.png

I suggest you open a Razor Core X Support ticket and see if the RX 6000 series are supported in case the above chart hasn't be updated since the 6000 series been out.

thanks for pointing it out. 

I followed another user with a similar setup who had it working with plug-and-play (in the below link)
2021 Intel NUC11PAKI5 [11th,4C,G] + RX 6700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB4 (Razer Core X) + Win10 | External GPU Bu...

Although contacting Razer support they still suggest using only compatible devices.

Additionally i purchased a Sonnet Breakaway Box 550 which is compatible with the card (in the below link) but still the card is not detected. Im using a Sapphire Pulse RX 6700 XT.
Compatibility_Graphics_Cards.pdf (
When connected with eGPU setup, Device Manager does not show Microsoft Basic Display Adapter hence undetected. Although the fans of the GPU are running perfectly fine.


Could it be your cable/Adapter that you are using to connect the eGPU Enclosure with your laptop or PC that is causing the problem by not being 100% compatible in sending the signal from the PC to the eGPU enclosure?

Are you using a Mac PC or a Windows PC and exactly how are you connecting the eGPU enclosure to the PC?


thanks for quick reply. 

I currently have a desktop and an Intel NUC 8i5bek(a mini computer)

In the desktop configuration, the card is connected via the PCIe slot. And the card works perfectly

In the Intel NUC configuration, the card is connected in the eGPU (Sonnet Breakaway Box 550) and connected via Thunderbolt 3 cable to the Intel NUC

Additionally i want to add that, in the Intel NUC configuration when I used a RTX 3060 with the eGPU, it detects and runs perfectly fine. But the Sapphire Pulse RX 6700 XT always remains undetected (no Microsoft Basic Driver in Device Manager) with both the Sonnect eGPU and the Razer eGPU.

Okay disregard my last reply since you were replying at the same time I was replying.

That pretty much eliminates the Cable as being the issue since the Nvidia is recognized in the eGPU using the same cable as when the RX6700 was installed.

Is the RX6700 in the eGPU  recognized if you connect it to a different PC or Laptop?

If not I suggest you open a Sapphire Tech Support ticket and ask them if this is a GPU card issue such a vBIOS issue or something else.

EDIT: You have some fairly new drivers for your Intel MiniPC including BIOS:

Screenshot 2021-09-21 175910.png

See if by updating the BIOS  and Thunderbolt 3 drivers makes a difference if you already haven't done this procedure.

Also update your Intel Graphics and Chipset drivers to the latest. In laptops the Intel Graphics and Chipset must be the latest versions for the AMD driver to work correctly. But not sure if your PC is similar to a laptop in that respects or not.

You can use Intel's own driver updater Intel Support & Assistant program



The RX6700 XT is recognized in desktop setup

The RX6700 XT has not been recognized in eGPU setup as yet. I have not tried with another laptop other than the Intel NUC mini pc.

Just trying to see if the issue is with your Intel PC or eGPU or not.

If by any chance the eGPU with the RX6700XT is recognized in another PC  or laptop then you know the issue is with your Intel Mini-PC.

If it isn't then it is either the RX6700XT or the eGPU enclosure.


Earlier I was following with Sapphire Tech Support with the card connected in the eGPU. I have just updated them about the card working on a desktop (for confirming that the card is actually working). I am awaiting their response.

please, if possible, post their reply. Just curious if they will just give you a scripted answer or an answer that will be useful.

EDIT: I happen to search AMD Forum for a similar issue as you are having and found this using a similar Intel NUC PC:

But no one answered his post though but his RX6800XT is recognized in his eGPU enclosure.

Maybe you can send him a private message and asked him how he configured this Intel NUC PC to recognize the eGPU with the RX6800XT and what connection he was using.

EDIT: Here is Intel NUC Troubleshooting tips for eGPU:

Screenshot 2021-09-21 175910.png

Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected to remove your current AMD driver and delete the AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD to prevent any conflicts.

I checked for the drivers. BIOS alone had to be updated. 

I have updated the BIOS and will check with Intel NUC troubleshooting.

One troubleshooting tip that I read from other Users here at AMD Forums concerning a GPU card with 2 or 3 PSU PCIe Power connectors that each GPU Power connector on the GPU card must have it own separate cable not daisy-chained where one PSU cable connects to two GPU power connections.

It seems like the GPU card doesn't work correctly if you use one PSU PCIe Power connector to two GPU Power connections or ports.


I have tried all the troubleshooting steps but to no avail. The card still remains undetected. 

I think I'll check with another laptop/pc with thunderbolt. Although i don't have another laptop to confirm with. Meanwhile I will also try to raise a ticket with Intel NUC. I never thought Intel NUC had compatibility issues.

The GPU in the eGPU is connected via separate GPU power connections (non daisy-chained).