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Journeyman III

RX 6600XT + i5-11600KF black screen

Hello everyone, I had i3-10100F and MSI H410M-A Pro, I bought i5 11600KF and H470M-K. Now my problem is black screens, sometimes when I do alt + tab in game my screen goes black and I had to restart my computer. I checked my ram with windows ram test and memtest86, I did CPU stress test and benchmarks there is no problem. I thought my new mainboard is a problem then I changed my old one, I didnt get any crash or black screen. Its happening for 3 days in CS2 and today I tried my new system OCCT Power test for 30 min nothings happened, I tried FurMark for 10 mins nothings happened again but I did a benchmark in GTA V when I alt + tab its happened again. Please help me I am gonna mad its happening for 3 days. My RAMs 2400 and 3000 mhz but its showing basic mhz 2133mhz is it a problem? 

My old specs: GPU: XFX RX 6600XT, CPU: i3-10100-F, RAM: 8x2 Corsair 3000mhz , G-Skill 2400 mhz, Mainboard: MSI H410M-A PRO

My new spec: GPU: XFX RX 6600XT, CPU: i5-11600KF, RAM: 8x2 Corsair 3000mhz , G-Skill 2400 mhz, Mainboard: Gigabyte H470M-K

Note: My BIOS updated, GPU was latest version but I thought the problem about the driver and I am now using 23.8.2, windows updated, I mean all drivers updated.OCCT-23914-010415.png


Ekran görüntüsü 2023-09-13 233449.png


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