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Journeyman III

RX 6600 XT Stutters on Overwatch with newest driver - 22.5.2

Hello everyone.

I want to notify that after updating the driver to 22.5.2 it has fixed some reading temperature issues on MSI Afterburner and another softwares, it is really cool.

But after the update im having some problems with the FPS on Overwatch, its dropping from 250 fps (capped) to 140 fps, 60fps, etc.

Is there something to do rather than downgrading?

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Journeyman III

Same issue. it started on the preview driver.


Yeah, i have updated to preview driver, the performance in some games were better, but Overwatch specifically stutters.

Journeyman III

Same issue on 6700xt. Micro stuttering all over the place, fps going from 250 to 140, sometimes even below 100 stutters. I rolled back the drivers to 22.5.1 and all went back to normal.

I've had the same behaviour on the May Preview Drivers and 22.5.2 using a 6900XT. Looking at the frame time metrics there appears to be periodic slow frames causing the stuttering that doesn't happen with 22.5.1 or before.

I've bug reported it on both drivers, everyone suffering from it probably should and then reverted back to 22.5.1.

Journeyman III

Can confirm happening on 6800 as well 

Adept II

It's not just Overwatch, it happens with a lot of games. In my case Hunt: Showdown. Rolling back to 21.10.2 solves the issue.

Journeyman III

6700XT here and i have the same problem... overwatch seems to suffer from micro-stutters with 22.5.2 

Community Manager

Thanks for all the posts.
Regarding stuttering in overwatch on the preview and 22.5.2 drivers, does the stuttering get better after a certain amount of time? For example, if you play for an hour, does it get better as time progresses? Or is it constant regardless?

6700 xt here, i couldnt even play for an hour but i think it has something to do with the shader compilation the game does at launch when it detects new drivers because im pretty sure i didnt see that process happen on 22.5.2 (normally the game goes to 100% cpu usage for some time and then stops after its done). The stutters were terrible, i was thinking maybe it was the assests or shaders loading in but nope i went around the map i was playing at that time during the match and the stutters remained. I DDU ed and reinstalled 22.5.2 but same problem, had to go back to 22.5.1


I only played more than an hour with these drivers (may preview) once, but there was no improvement at any time.


Hey Matt,

I'm on 22.5.2 on my new 6750 XT (Upgraded from Vega64), enjoying the card allot!

In my first game I had lots of stutters first 30 seconds however got better overtime then I noticed that the screen resolution was set to 2560x1440*60 instead of my 2560x1440*120 so this made things better aswel. Afterwards I could not observe heavy stuttering maybe a few very small ones now and then but it did got better overtime.

Then i did a another game on 250 fps, first round I had heavy stutters but only for like the first 30 seconds when we engaged the first time, overtime things got better. My guess it it tends to happen on rounds with new maps after the driver got installed and after some time it gets better at least that's my experience.

My guess is you are thinking this could be due AMD ShaderCache?

Journeyman III

Mesmo problema aqui! aconteceu comigo apenas no overwatch (pelo menos com os outros jogos que tenho jogado não aconteceu isso)

Journeyman III


I was able to fix my Stutters with this fix

it seems to be the Shaders...

It is not related to shader cache (or at least not in the sense that after update it needs to be rebuilt). I am currently on 22.5.2 and the stuttering is present even after prolonged gaming periods. If I roll back to 22.5.1 or go to 22.6.1 then the stuttering dissapears immediately, no time needed for cache rebuilding.


Also 22.6.1. mentions fixing a stuttering bug in overwatch,


I don't see the registry setting on my PC.  I am on the latest optional drivers.  Which driver version are you using?