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Adept I

rx 6600 xt performance issues fortnite

every time i load up a game in fortnite i go down to 40 fps and considering that i have an rx 6600 xt, 550w psu, 16gb ram, and Ryzen 5 5600g it is not my system. I do not know why it is doing this, it is working perfectly fine for my friends who have similar specs as me. please help me find a solution.

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Run DDU and remove past drivers (if you ran an Nvidia card) and all things AMD .. reboot .. and THEN install latest drivers from

Is motherboards BIOS up to date?

Make sure you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers from

What make/model 550w power supply are you running?

What motherboard?

Is your memory installed in slots A2/B2 if you are running 2 sticks of RAM on a 4 memory slotted motherboard .. ?

What speed is your memory actually running at? (Task Manager?Performance>Memory)

Is your Windows 10/11 install up to date?

How full are your drives?

How are your CPU/GPU temps?

What resolution are you playing at? Graphical settings? 

Define "working fine" .. and "similar specs"?

ThreeDee PC specs

what is DDU?

the motherboard bios is up to date.

i have the latest am4 chipset drivers

i have a corsair cx550

motherboard is the asus B450-f Gaming II

yes it is slotted a2 and b2 on a 4 memory slotted board

the speed its running at is 2133mhz but it is supposed to be running at 3200 i dont know how to change that

my windows 10 is up to date as of yesterday

my cpu and gpu temps are good while idle cpu is 37 and gpu 23 and while running a game they both go to around 55

i am playing at 1920x1080

by working fine i mean it gets a solid 200fps in game and in creative it gets 600+

my friend has a ryzen 5 3600x, 16gb ram, 800w psu, gpu rx580 6gb oc edition



i ran DDU and it seemed to have no effect whatsoever 

Journeyman III

you are absolutely right its issue with 6600 performance issue 

Journeyman III

every time i load up a game in fortnight i go down to 40 fps and considering that i have an rx 6600 xt, 550w psu, 16gb ram, and Ryzen 5 5600g it is not my system. Garage Flooring Atlanta

Journeyman III


Journeyman III

i seem to have the same problem, any fix?



no i haven’t found a fix but you could try and use dx12 see if that helps 


Hi, I have the exact problem and Permance Mode utilize the GPU with only 10-20%, terrible slow. DirectX 12 is better but still low utilization and low watt usage. 

I have everything from 30-160 fps, crazy... the sudden drops is the most problematic.


Overwatch is fine, and its utilization is over 80% there, running at max speed all from 140-220 fps at high specs. 

Horizon 5 seems fine as well, with 100+ fps

EDIT; DX12 + High resolution + FPS limit'er to 300 fps works better, but still drops to sub 50 now and then (high 144-200) .


I have tried it with a i7 4770k and a i7 5820k


same for me other games work perfectly fine but fortnite on performance mode and dx11 works terrible

Journeyman III

having the same issues, runs fine on everything else, but fortnite just wont run well


Thanks for the post.
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