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RX 6600 Driver Time Out , System Crash and GPU Gets Disabled Automaticaly

Yesterday I Bought a Brand New Sapphire AMD RX 6600 and it is giving me a lot of trouble. As long as I am using it for simple work like browsing, watching videos or using a PC for daily work, for that time it does not give any trouble. It is working fine for hours. But as soon as I launch any game my PC shuts down after just 1 or 2 minutes of launching game and NO SGNAL Error shows on monitor. Than I have to manually restart my PC and when PC Turns on My GPU is automatically Disabled and I have to manually go to Control Panel > Device Manager and Manually Re-enable my RX 6600. Again when I launch any Game it gives same problem and again I have to Restart my PC, Go to Control Panel> Device Manger and re-enable my RX 6600. After re-enabling my GPU, I sometimes get an an Error Message "amd display driver failed to load on your system". When Using PC for normal use then there is no Problem. As soon as I launch any Game this problem Starts.

Games I Try to Launch or Test : Borderlands 3, Far cry 6, F1 2022, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077

Note: There is no any kind of overclocking on GPU or CPU

My System Specs:

GPU Sapphire Pulse RX 6600

CPU : Ryzen 5 5600X

Motherbard : Gigabyte B450 AORUS M

PSU: Corsair VS550

OS : Windows 11 Pro 64 Bits

Fixes That I Have already Tried So Far

1. Clean Install AMD GPU Drivers (Used DDU to Clean Drivers)

2. Installed the Latest AMD GPU Drivers from official Website (Recommended Drivers not optional)

3. Clean Installed Windows 11

4. Disabled Fast Boot or Quick Start

5. Installed AMD PRO Drivers

6. Updated Windows to Latest

7. Updated Motherboard BIOS to Lates

8. Updated GPU Drivers to Latest

9. Installed older version of GPU Drivers

10. Updated GPU BIOS to Latest

But Still no Luck

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Adept I

Hey there,


This may be possibly due to the AMD Zero fan speed option that supposedly keeps the fans at idle until a certain temp is reached. Make sure to disable that and try using custom fan curves in the AMD driver software. I had this issue with my 6950 xt, i'm still having issues with this card which is a bit sad given how much it cost but it's mostly related to screen flickering with the occasional driver crash when alt tabbed.

Brother There is No Problem With fans speed or GPU Temps. GPU Fans are working Normally and GPU Temps Remain Below 65 Degrees all the Time. I checked GPU Temps very carefully with MSi Afterburner and it never Reached 65 Degree


If you have Instant Replay with HEVC codec turned on, it might be a problem. It causing certain games to crash after a few minutes or less. A lot of people have the same issue, and we are kinda wait a fix for it.

Instant Replay is Turned OFF Bro


Update 1 : I tried to undervolt My RX 6600 and it temporarily solved the problem up to some extent. Now I can play game for about 10 minutes and then either the system Crashes and Card Gets Disabled or I get an Error AMD GPU Drivers Time Out. Temperatures are under 65 all the time. But by Undervolting I do Lose Some performance and system is still not stable. What is the use of buying a GPU if can't use it at its full potential without any problems


It happens in any game?


It happens in every game

Adept I

I think at this point you're better off trying to get an RMA with that card. Have you tried using the PRO drivers instead as well?  I'm still battling my issues with my 6950 xt and i'm trying to get a refund at this point (i'm on my 3rd card, 2 rma's down). 

I did find a small work around with my problem where it involves lowering my 2nd screen's resolution to around 1400x900 (native is 1080p). It's not ideal, but at least the system seems stable now.

Journeyman III


Change your PSU it does NOT Meet the Min requirements of your GPU. Thats why i suspect undervolting helps as that limits the max TDP the card can draw. AMD recommends as MINMUM a 650 Watt PSU for stable Operation as that has some margin even on "dirty power". Cheers!

Journeyman III

Still no solution ? i have the same problem with same brand.
i need to underclock it to 2000mhz for it not crashing.