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RX 580, with drivers system detects I've got 2 monitors(instead of 1)

I've got a strange problem. When I install drivers for my GPU the system detects that I've got 2 monitors (But I'm only using 1 by HDMI) In the amd setting app it is said that this second "invisible" monitor take signal from display port. I was trying to reinstall the drivers and it didn't helped me. Also when I have no drivers installed, my system normally decets only 1 monitor. This issue provides other issues. From time to time, my PC freezes and I can hear teh noise of unpluging and then pluging the new device (Yeah, and it's that monitor). Sometimes I've got also problems with games, mainly in full screen (In Overwatch, Battlefront II when main menu loads I can see only black screen, I can use my alt+tab, ctrl+alt+del etc. Also when I use alt+enter to go into windowed mode the games works fine; On the other hand when I was trying to play Witcher 3 I've go similar problem, when I was in the game for about 3-4 seconds then the black screen apears, but alt+tab doesn't work there, when i set display to borderless, windowed mode, it doesn't work, but in windowed it's fine). I'm trying to uninstall the monitor in the device menager, the monitor after uninstall, install again in few seconds

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