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RX 580 Red Devil Edition issue with black screen after driver crash

Hello! I was playing The Division 2 last night, when all of the sudden the game crashed, the Radeon program notified me that there the driver had stopped working. I then tried to reinstall it. Then everything froze halfway through, forcing me to do a hard reboot.

After this, i have not been able to get anything to show on my screen with the graphics card in.
I have gotten the display to work with another GPU and the integrated GPU - both works fine. But when i try to boot with the graphics card in, the system starts, but there is nothing but a black screen. I'm unable to get into BIOS, recovery, safe mode or anything at all. 

While booting using the integrated graphics card, i have run the program DDU (display driver uninstaller) to remove everything, however it's only detecting the integrated graphics driver, and not the RX 580 driver. So it seems like the driver is not installed. But why can't the graphics card show a display? It seems like the display driver is broken, but i'm unsure of what to do.

What i have done:

- Reset the PC (i have no system restore point)
- Booted without any periphirals (SATA; USB etc)

- Tried SILENT & OC option on the GPU

- I have pulled out the BIOS battery for about 5 minutes before reinserting.

- I have tried putting the HDMI into the motherboard (integrated graphics) to use that as a display with my RX 580 in - still showing black screen.

- Removed a ram stick and reinserted.

- Tried another HDMI cable

- Tried booting without the HDD

Nothing seems to be a solution. Is there ANY way to get the GPU to display anything again? Where is the graphics driver stored? On the GPU or the harddisk? 
I Don't understand why the graphics card can't use a default driver for displaying, which it would normally do? 

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If you already do all of things but black screen still appear, you can try this method. It's working for me

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