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Journeyman III

RX 580 low FPS on some games

Hello everyone.

My Gigabyte RX 580 8GB is having a performance issue in several titles, including Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, Crysis 3 and Black Mesa.

I cannot play Crysis 3, even on medium the game stays in about  30 fps, the same happens in Dirt Rally on ultra, but it improves just a little by disabling ground cover, but still very diferent from the reviews i saw from YouTube.

However, I can play Shadow Warrior 2 on 1080p on ultra with 60 ~ 70 fps in most areas. The Talos Principle with Vulkan performed about 100 fps on ultra on 1080p as well. Crysis 2 runned on 140 fps on "extreme" presset and Arkham Knight 55 ~ 68 fps.

There are no blinking light near power connector, on Talos Principle the GPU usage hits 100% and the power consumption stays in ~135w and the GPU temps usualy stays in 70ºc, no unexpected reboots, crashes or anything else. 

There are no (visible) CPU bottlenecking (in any core).


  • Gigabyte RX 580 8GB GAMING;
  • Gitabyte ga-970-ud3p;
  • Cosair H45 watercoller;
  • Kingston 240gb SSD;
  • Seagate 1TB hard disk;
  • 600w power supply (i don't remember the brand name but it's 80 plus bronze);
  • 8GB RAM Kingston 1333Ghz;
  • Bulldozer FX-8120 8 cores - 3.8Ghz;
  • Windows 10 - latest update

What I tried:

  • Clean install (wiped everything, including Steam's library)
  • Setup the latest drivers (Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.3 Optional - from AMD website)
  • Setup AORUS ENGINE (from Gigabyte website)
  • Setup Steam and Origin
  • Downloaded the games
  • Run the games
  • Get disappointed
  • Removed AORUS and restarted (but nothing)
  • Changed the power limit to 50%+ on Wattman (but nothing)

Someone could help me please?

2 Replies
Journeyman III

I figured out that some games are CPU dependant, thus I having low GPU usage and low FPS due my FX processor.
Overclocking to 4Ghz improved some titles.

Also there are two bugs on Crysis 3:
- Doesn't matter if you put on Low or High, the game will always have a huge FPS lag on the first mission due a "rope" calculation bug.
- Put "Objects" on LOW, then restart the game (with everything on very high) and the LOW FPS will be gone. You can put "Objects" on Very High again but if you restart the game, the LOW FPS will be back.

On Black Mesa, disabling god rays solve the problem

Journeyman III

Ok, so I created an account just to post this, cause I know how annoying this problem is.

I just spent days trying to fix the exact same issues with an rx580 I just bought, and tried everything people have recommended already online, but none of it worked. I knew the gpu wasn't faulty, because randomly after some fresh driver installs, I would have normal fps in games, but then it would go back to low power usage after, for example, a reboot.

Here's the solution I found: DISABLE GAME MODE


I double-checked to make sure this solved the problem, and sure enough, when I turned it back on, power wattage and fps both dropped as before in the same game, and when it was off, it was fixed again.