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Journeyman III

RX 580 freesync stutter

Hi I've been having problems with fps in some games and I figured out that it's because of freesync. It started suddenly and I didn't update anything. The problems depend on the game in Dead cells with freesync I have 50fps without it's 144. In other games fps aren't stable but if I turn freesync off it's perfect. In some games I can fix it by playing in window or turning off vsync but not in all games. It doesn't happen in every game but it happens in most. It's like my pc doesn't know what my monitor refresh rate is. It's happening on two different monitors. I though it was beacuse windows update broke something but I clean installed and it's still happening. The weird thing is it sometimes fixes by itself I have this problem for the 3rd time this year. I tried updating drivers then rolling back to old ones but it didn't work. My drivers are 21.3.2 I don't remeber what my old ones were sorry.

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