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Journeyman III

RX 580 Driver issue TDR Black screen artifacts random stuff i dont know what is going on !?!?!?!?

So i got my Rx 580 8GB and from 20.4.2 i still have this issue and i cant fix it at all...i have this weird artifact TDR then recovers as normal then i try the games again same thing dont get me wrong there is no issue with my PC its all fine hell i can even trow DOOM at max ultra have all my 8GB almost use up and no TDR or crash nothing  even GTA V at max out 2K res works fine i can play almost every game without issue for long times like 10+hr without a single crash, is just random TDR with artifacts even mozilla or when watching a movie but when i try to record it or make a screenshot it all comes out black when this happends cuz the drivers stops working for some reasone i did try all i could.

Clean install did not work even custom random windows 10 from internet not work even the Windows 7 clean and custom ones same thing TDR and black screen artifacts etc etc etc!!

PSU check 750W Njoy yeah not a big brand but its fine 175w eat up from the GPU in some games i can tell for 10hr playing is working fine

CPU issue no overclock im not in that stuff i dont care about overclock its all stock

RAM i have a 3200mhz Corsair i was playing at stock what was 2133mhz default without xmp or manual speeds then i was like maybe thats the issue and i trow xmp on and now runs at 3200mhz well still have the issue

Motherboard MSI B450 Gaming plus stock nothing change if it works why trow stuff at bios for no reasone well i did even update the bios to make sure and still same problem

HDD/SDD you cant blame it on it was from my old PC and no issue with them Seagate HDD 1TB and 256GB SSD kingston no issue no bad sectors no clicking no noise nothing wrong

Trust me i did try everything i could regedit,power plan high performance random cmd stuff,thermal check GPU not going over 75c but thats max when fps is not lock but when i have my fps lock 58fps that i like is 60c no more 66c max deppends on the game i like balanced power plan i dont see big diffrence vs high performance,for me i like to lock my fps to 58fps max is just me 58fps in all games no more!!!!

After like 6 months i got sick of it like im kinda done and when all my stuff gets check out and i have no hardware issue there is only one thing to blame you cant make this up and cant call it a day but is the drivers .....100% you cant blame it on other software cuz this thing happends on clean install also without chipset without random drivers just the AMD Graphics driver install same thing happends i blame the drivers and thats it from 20.4.2 and now we are at 21.10.2 and still have this issue well thats a shame .....also before i forget happends on Pro drivers also i was useing the 20.Q3 but was weird with my mouse for some reasone but i did like it cuz was far more stable and now im on 20.8.2 feels better a bit maybe placeabo effect but mouse feels better in this one idk....

Thanks for the help if you can help but to make me test out stuff that makes no sense please dont tell me random sfc/scannow or this dumb things will not help told you already try out everything i could !!! to make it more easy to understand i did have to use my phone so you can see whats happening