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RX 580 black screen on cold boot if it's undervolted.

hi i'm on latest drivers 20.9.2 on RX 580 MSI GAMING X 8GB and i have an issue with black screen in windows after a cold boot, i must hard reset from button whenever i use a profile with undervolt 0.81mV, fan tweaking +zero RPM to work with manual,  mem lvl2, power limit +50% (doesn't do much at lower voltages)

THE coreclock 1380 is at stock speed (and stay at 1380 static no matter what unlike auto or oc when the clock goes from 1300ish to 1450 or whatever), the  memory clock is at 2000 Lvl 2

left on auto settings i don't encounter this issue, but the thing is  undervolted it's rock stable on 3d mark,  superposition 1080p extreme and 4k optimized and games like RDR2 with better scores fps and temp.

I really don't want to be forced to left everything on auto to boot properly  since i have significant gains while undervolted even more than stock or overclocked.(ikr crazy..)

I really love this wonderful card but this issue drives me crazy because i forget most of the time to set to auto before turning off the pc  shouldn't need to do it  in the first place tho..

PSU Corsair TX 550M GOLD 80+ 12v 43A  should be enough since i have no issues in torture test even with 1.2v 1450mhz (about 180W or so)

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stock ( auto ) fans ramps to noisy  2200RPM+ (lower temp of course


undervolted plus tweaks   fans goes up to 1750RPM if temp it's under 75c and it is!

i hope this proof it's more than enough.