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Journeyman III

RX-580 8gb Crashes

Hi there,

I'm running issues with my RX 580-8 gb. When it's not on high load it works perfectly fine. Whevener i run a graphics heavy game or i work on Premiere it starts to crash randomly. It's going on for a few months now and i tried a few tweaks with it. I tested all of my components everything seems fine. At first it was crashing when system starts a few times, after a few resets it was getting working till it crashes on a high load a few hours. Installing driver on Driver only mode and changing it's memory clock to 1990 instead of 2000 seems to relieved problem a little bit. It sometimes run perfectly fine tho. When i test it on Furmark it went on full power for 5-6 hours without any crashes or heating too much. Even tho i can use it on my daily life, it would be a lot better to find a perfect solution to it. My pc specs are:

Motherboard: AMD b350 tomahawk arctic

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700

Ram: Crucial 8gb Ballistix Sport


When crashed my pc goes on black screen and nothing responding, after a reset everything works fine.

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