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Adept I

Rx 5700xt Stuttering and Fps Drop Issue.

I just took this card, and after putting it on my pc , with my biiiig surprise I start to see this is much much much worse than my rx590 8gb... WIth my old rx590 don't have any problem.
I went to google rx5700xt "stuttering" word and a whole world opened to me.
Tried everything I could and everything i found on net... Also with a fresh windows install... nisba nada.. nothing...
The card is just not boosting, while gaming max I see is around 500 mhz
Also while using OBS I have very heavy stutter, especially when I switch from any window to game
Is this card gonna get fixed or I should return it back?
Cpu:Ryzen 5 3600x;Motherboard:x570 Gaming Edge WIFI;Ram:Gskill Trident z Rgb 3600 Mhz cl 18;Storage:Ssd 500gb + 2x HD 1tb;Psu:Seasonic focus plus platinum 650w
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Journeyman III

I had a similar issue. My Gigabyte RX 5700 Gaming OC for some reason was dropping clocks from the usual ~1750MHz to down to 300-500MHz randomly, as if it was deciding it didn't need to run full throttle anymore, just to find out... it did. That caused a lot of stutter. Looking it up, a large amount of users have been having this issue since when it released on July. When I found that out, I decided I was not going to wait and just hope it was fixed later on. I returned the card.

Saddens me, because I wanted a full-AMD build.

I have no idea how they could release something like this... I'm completely disappointed.


Hi there.

Which game is it you are playing ? If it is a fairly easy game to run, like something old, maybe it doesn't actually need that much horse power and there would be no reason for the graphics card to run 1800-2000Mhz.

Past few days, my son was playing this old game called "Space Run" and the graphics needed to run this was pretty much nothing at all, so my RX5700XT was only using around 40w of power and the core running around (I may not be 100% accurate) 300-400 Mhz. as it didn't need to boost any higher at all.

Your GPU power in your vid also seems to be around there .. 50'ish watts and 17% GPU usage, so no I'd say that 500Mhz clock speed may be all it needs ?

My guess is that your problem is something else.


Hi there too, if it is an easy game, doesn't mean your card must lower your clock to less than 100 mhz and make you stutter. 

It is normal if you don't have problems , but thats not the case.

How can my problem be something else if my pc was running smooth every game with my old card?

Are you reading the internet? Reddit, forum , youtube... it is everywhere man... 

I tried everything is this world since I got this card... The only thing I didn't do yet is returning it back. 

I'm sorry I tried to help. I'll not do that again.

Alright ... There may very well be an issue with the driver for the 5700 and yes there really is alot of threads out there with all sorts of issues and yes I have some myself also.

However, my question is still valid. You didn't answer which game you were playing and also IF the game dont need it to boost any higher, why should it.

The 5700 is alot stronger then the 590, maybe it really only needs to run that much slower to provide the same result.

I'm not saying you are not having a stuttering issue, if you do, then you do.. of course you do when you say so, I believe you dammit ...  but understand that its issue may not be with the clock not boosting to max.

Like I said... The game my son was playing on my computer, the clock speed was much the same, sub 400'ish, cuz it didn't need to go any higher.

What game are you playing and are you sure the graphics card actually need to push itself?

Yeah ok, I must have been rude and I'm sorry for that..

But  it feels really bad when you buy 500€ Card and you find out it is completely trash cause there is no driver and software ready for it


Good reference was going to point this out myself. It is a big reason whey this card in it's current state would not be for me. Why it is so bad with many, many older games is beyond me, but it certainly appears to be. Hopefully they get it sorted eventually but that doesn't help anyone who was expecting a better experience with their new card or at minimum not worse.

he was rude don't bother yourself with him many other users are reporting the same issue


taurea‌ Yeah i understand what you mean , well the reason I talk about the clock it is because when I experience the stuttering the clock drops down to less than 200Mhz same the Fps. 

I play Blade & Soul, but that's not the only game where I have stuttering problems

Adept II

did you ever manage to solve this?

i have exactly the same problem and have tried just about everything to fix it...


Nope, After long long time trying to fix my "computer" I sent back this card. 

Bought rtx2070 Super and everything is fine since then

Can't say that I blame you.. AMD really needs to tighten the hell up. This whole Navi driver issue since launch has really really hurt their reputation for bad drivers, which was actually improving during the Polaris days.

Good job AMD, you don't need Nvidia to take your customers from you, you push them away just fine on your own. The lastest media storm regarding "blackscreen" is just a single good example. There are just a lot more issues still haunting Navi drivers.

Get your act together AMD ! Stop all the freaking UI updates and focus on making it work instead !

I wonder what that is. I had a bunch of issues initially, to a point I returned my first Navi card, a RX 5700. I found myself a great deal on a 5700XT, months later, that I took a risk. That was back in Novemeber. Had very few issues at that time, which was a pleasant surprise.

Now on my third Navi card, with the most recent 2.2 drivers, it's running flawlessly. No issues, bugs or quirks at all.

EDIT: ... except fan control. Navi cards for me still won't follow custom fan curves, and pretty much do whatever they want. Getting a good custom card with good cooling solutions solved this though (Red Devil, Nitro+, Gaming X are three).


I have a 5700 XT. I was having drops of clock / fps in Call of Duty MW, it happened once for each multiplayer game, it lasts about 2 seconds, the clock drops from 1950 to 600 MHz. I was only playing this game at the moment.

After many tests, I discovered what caused the problem, HWInfo64, even without monitoring by Rivar Tuner, but with it in the background, the drop occurred, so I decided to close it and started playing without any problems.

On the Hwinfo forum I read a post that this could happen, and member Martin saying to disable some monitoring and go testing.
I'm testing little by little, at that moment I disabled all HD / SSD monitoring, and in 7 games I still had no problem.

I tested it in another game, with hwinfo with all monitoring enabled, and I had the drop too, so it's not CODMW's fault but HWinfo's.

Here's the tip.


Adept I

I decided to buy AMD + Radeon 5700XT for the first time and I will never buy this s&^%$ again and I won’t collect computers on this s^%&^$. I am experiencing problems with performance degradation, power loss and low FPS. Sorry, but I tried all the drivers and nothing works stably.