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Adept I

RX 5700XT black screens using Cinema 4D

Hi, i want know if there are any fix for this problem, because im trying to model in Cinema 4D but every 5-6 minutes, screen becomes black but i can still send inputs and use PC but without seeing. To restore screen view, i replug for 2 times HDMI cable and works fine, but it's very annoying doing this all time when making 3d models. I'm developing a game and i need a lot of models to finish the project but i want to know if there is a solution. Mainly to save time and patience. In games like: Red Dead Redemption 2, this problem seems to disappear. Another issue are driver timeout caused by Fortnite, but that's not a big problem for me

My specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

GPU:  RX 5700XT Gigabyte

RAM: Viper 16gb 3200mhz

MOTHERBOARD: Asus Rog Strix B460F

PSU: Sharkoon SilentStorm 650w

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Journeyman III

i have the same issue here and ive tried using many different driver versions, removed gpu drivers with ddu and installed again and many other things and this issue still persists. Please let me know if you end up finding a solution


Nothing yet... it is making me nervous about this, black screens on these GPUs are very common, however, I would like to understand why it happens only with certain programs. I have posted a new thread in hopes of finding other people who have experienced this problem


driver timeout not a problem for you but maybe related ,(i don't think it's a listed "known issue" about 5700xt) i notice a "650W" psu , maybe a little weak .. 700W is recommanded for what i read... the way you connect your gpu to psu can affect it's behaviour too even if wattage is ok.. check if it's two separated cables and not one that is separating in two plugs, but i would definitively try with another psu with at least 750W or 850W (if you can check by borrowing one to a friend.. ) .. the fact your saying you don't have problem with rdr2 would contradicts what i'm saying, but you never know depending on psu usage sometime..

I think 650w is enough but maybe a 700w would be better, but with games I don’t have any problems, for example I use Unreal Engine to render videos or photos, and this engine renders in real time, and there is no black screen problem. I have this issue only on Cinema 4D, and sometimes, while switching between pages on Microsoft Edge but very slightly


Try this.

Let me know if this can fix your issue, thanks!


Thanks, im gonna try this when i get back to home


Okay so, i used this solution, i'm going to use the software for a while, and if the problem doesn't appear for few hours, i'think that the problem is solved (maybe). I will update you


I was modelling, the viewport just freezed, i searched up and it was a fault of Cinema 4D R25, but i want to see if the black screen problem appears..