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Journeyman III

RX 5700XT Audio Cut-Outs/ Drop-Outs with USB Audio Interface/ Very high audio latency


I almost put 4 straight days into troubleshooting my issue:

My System:

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X
Mobo: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite (newest BIOS)
RAM: 2 DIMS à 8GB DDR4 G-Skill 3200MHz (XMP)
GPU: Powercolor Red Devil Radeon RX 5700XT
USB Audio Interface: Steinberg UR 22 MKII


My system was rock solid/stable for almost half a year. Then, some Windows Updates seem to destroy my stable system.
It first started with Windows Update 20H2. After that, my Sound was dropping for 1-2 seconds in games, but ONLY while gaming. In 2d applications/desktop, listening to spotify, waching YouTube Videos etc. no issues at all.

In the meantime I also updated my graphics driver to 20.11.2 (WHQL), as I always did when a new stable driver was released.

So, eventually I've updated my BIOS to the latest one, aswell as the Chipset Drivers...
All drivers  for my whole system...

But, nothing worked.

So desperately I've reinstalled Windows from scratch, but the issue remained. Now as I tried to downgrade my GPU driver to 20.9.2, (uninstalled the AMD Software beforehand) the issue seems to be temporarily fixed. I haven't encountered dropping audio for 2 hours straight in game.


While I was searching for help online, I've stumbled upon "Latency Mon".

While gaming, the latency sometimes used to spike above 35k µs, which is ridiculously high (with 20.11.2).

It always points to "HDaudbus.sys" aswell as "dxgkrnl.sys" and "wdf01000.sys".

As the issue seems to be temporarily "fixed" with 20.9.2 I assume the drivers in 20.11.2 aswell als 20.12.1 are just not as stable.


If someone could help me reduce the latency (which sometimes results in stutter or cracking sounds while gaming) I would be very pleased.

I also look forward to every possible solution someone might have.

I would also like to hear from other guys with the same or relatable problems.

I've attached a report of "latencymon" while gaming with driver 20.9.2, I think the latency is also not perfect, but atleast, no audio drops at the moment.



Many regards


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Adept II

Re: RX 5700XT Audio Cut-Outs/ Drop-Outs with USB Audio Interface/ Very high audio latency

Try setting PCIe for your X16 slot to Gen 3.0 in your BIOS.