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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT Screen Distortion While Playing Games

About a week ago while playing Call of Duty Black Ops, I began to get white streaks on my screen. These white shifts would shift and change positions as I moved my character around. It's progressively gotten worse/different, with objects becoming blocks, some white specs flickering around the entirety of the screen, etc.

It seems to be game dependent - while Black Ops has streaks of white and some other odd lines, Overwatch just has random white blocks, and Risk of Rain 2 has large multicolored circles.
I have done a DDU on my GPU, my windows version is completely up-to-date, but honestly not sure what to do next. I have a CyberPower PC, so not sure I'm able to update my bios/chipset (ASRock B550AM). Thoughts?


In the photos, I've taken a screenshot of my PC components, as well as the issues that I'm having across the different games. Doing a print screen or snipping the images doesn't show what I'm seeing, so I've taken a picture from my phone. Keep in mind these aren't static issues, the blurs and blips are all dynamically changing/flashing. Again - when using my computer for web browsing, YouTube, reading, etc. I have none of these issues. Just when gaming.

my pc.PNG



IMG-2002.PNG  IMG-2001.PNG