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Journeyman III

Rx 5700 xt mech oc random BSOD and freezes

Hello guys

I've been using my xt since november and I had only slight issues since, no pc freezes, bsod etc. Only game crashes and stuff that was related to the drivers and you could see it in the patch notes. But now I'm in trouble, out of nowhere my pc started freezing while playing Borderlands 3 or just leaving my pc on idle, It gets a BSOD and then restarts. It was working for months and then without anything modified in the system (I replaced my old toshiba 1tb HDD with a seagate barracuda 2TB HDD, that hardly could be the issue) ,no new drivers, bios etc. It started the bsod's and freezes.

My system specs and  I've got a 700W Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite.

I tried 20.2.1, 20.2.2 and 20.3.1 and used DDU still I get blue screens and freezes.

I installed a new bios from f42h to f50, did not help at all.

I ran a stress test too with OCCT for 30 minutes no issues and when I stopped the stress test the pc froze.

I really don't know whats the cause and this is really annoying now. I can't play and can't leave my pc on idle either.

I got a BSOD again today with a bugcheck error : 0x00000116 , I was running Black Desert Online. Here is the Memory dump

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Adept I

Hello, any update? I’m facing sane problem with XT 5700. It start get BSOD randomly when I play games. Today I got 2 times. Dont know why? Is it hardward problem. I tried mem test and cpu, gpu test but it’s all ok. 

Journeyman III

Borderlands 3 was the only game that made my pc freeze, I didn't have any problems with other games. I still don't know what was the exact issue with the game.