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Adept II

RX 5700 XT crash with Radeon performance monitor

Maybe it is a known issue by now (after 4 month of the card being released...) but RX 5700 XT crashes with AMD's own performance monitor being enabled to see fps/gpu load/memory clock etc. Simply put, any performance monitor seems to be crashing with this video card, and 19.10.2 did not fix that. 

If you turn on your performance monitor, any game will crash on you, some sooner, some later, giving you a black screen and the need to manually restart your PC because the system freezes. Which at such rate with crashes happening so often will negatively affect your SSD as well.

Turning any performance monitor (you would expect AMD's own software to work at least) does help, but if you can not even use the performance monitor on your video card, the drivers must be quite broken.

Please, is there any consideration to fix at least this part of the crashing issue anytime soon. 

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Journeyman III

Do you have multi-monitor setup? I have the same problem with performance monitor (and gpu-z), but when I switch off cable from second monitor, performance monitor does not make problems.


No, I have only one monitor, 1080p LG 2479G-B. 

If I start it, performance monitor will run for a time, but after some time (it's random, really), you get a black screen while gaming, be it a loading screen or simply the gameplay itself, doesn't matter. Freezes off your PC and you have to perform a restart, after which Wattman restores default settings (which I didn't change, so he does not have anything to restore really).

I already done so much to look up on all the issues the card has - increased the TDR in Windows, increased the virtual memory space, connected the Videocard with 2 power cables from PSU, disabled Hardware acceleration everywhere I could (Vivaldi, Discord, Steam), turned off Enh Sync (since it crashes you as well), but when I turn the performance monitor on the card crashes, so the issue is performance monitor which didn't get fixed.