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Adept II

RX 5700 XT Blank green screen crash when playing certain games or applying graphic settings ingame

  • AMD RX 5700 XT
  • Desktop Computer
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Radeon Software Adrenalin 20.4.2
  • Acer S271HL IBIDX 1920x1080 60hz
  • Acer S271HL GBIDX 1920x1080 60hz
  • asrock x399 phantom gaming 6 atx str4  Bios Version 1.30
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X
  • Corsair RM750 750w Gold 80+
  • 32GB ram
  1. Crashing into blank green screen when playing certain games or when applying graphics settings and must force boot the system down. It is a very new build of only 3 weeks old. All component were installed at the same time. Tried troubleshooting the problem by fresh installing the driver and using Display Driver Uninstaller to make sure it was a clean install with no luck of fixing the crashes.
  2. Destiny 2 v2.8.0 Rarely crashes into green screen when applying graphic settings
  3. Couldpunk Latest version (they do not have version numbers to my knowledge) crashes into green screen just within a few minutes from playing the game. Doesn't see to crash for a particular reason and is just random
  4. Half Life:Alyx v1.2.1 crashes into green screen VR when going through steam VR setting and applying video settings through there
1 Solution
Adept II

Issue fixed. After going through 2 more of the same card with the same issues I bought a 2070super and all problems are gone. Don't buy AMD cards until they can fix their rampant issues. 

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So all you components are new including PSU?

Take a look if your memory is tested with your motherboard your modules should be listed and if you OC your memory then it must be verified by asrock, amd motherboards are very picky to RAM

Otherwise go to the bios and load optimized defaults, remove all overclocks for test.

Do you know if your PSU is Corsair RM750 (model 2019)?


Wrong link to the wrong motherboard but I got the jist. My memory ins't tested for my motherboard though I am not overclocking it at all. Using G.Skill Trident Z 2/16gb in the right dim slot configuration according to the manual. The PC can handle itself quiet well underload. Playing MW at 60fps (my monitors cap) while watching twitch and having chrome, discord and plenty of other programs open for hours at a time with no problem. Only time I'm worried about a crash is with the specific games listed above. Cloudpunk is an indie game that isn't graphically intensive and optimization is slowly coming in patches with another user confirming to having issues with the game crashing his video driver with the same GPU. Destiny 2 I have suspicion with it not liking the AMD graphics software as Destiny sees it as an "overlay" even when not in overlay mode. Destiny 2 is notorious for crashing the game with overlays over their clear stance on not allowing any overlay that isn't steam on their game.

My PSU is assumed to be the 2019 model, as of searching I am unsure of how to tell even with looking up the model number. If you know how to identify it as a 2019 model please let me know. It is the RM750 with not other text attached so i believe it is the 2019 model.


If your memory is not in QVL then it is issue, because some of memory parameters are supplied by motherboard. If memory is not in the list it means that motherboard manufacturer have not put this configuration in bios. Take a look at bios what values your motherboard set for your memory.

Your PSU is probably recent if you bought it recently.

Otherwise can you try to use only one monitor? Maybe there is still some issue in drivers with multi monitor setups.


I've done some reading and it seems that staying within the QVL standards

is not the end-all-be-all of ram compatibility. The memory controller seems

to have gotten the right values from what I could see within the bios. It

also has XMP(DOCP) turned off, it rather it's set to the default and isn't

even running the RAM at full speeds and is set to the motherboard default

of 2133Mhz. I still don't believe this is a RAM issue as I haven't had any

problems with the computer outside what I have listed. It only crashes when

adjusting graphic settings frequently in the 3 out if many if games in my


Will do some testing later on today to see whether enabling XMP at 3200mhz

will change anything


So there are following problematic areas about your PC

  • untested, unguaranteed memory - in my experience it is always issue to run non QVL memory, becuase motherboard sets many parameters by itself as coded by manufacturer, memory profile does not contain all information
  • PSU is not confirmed to be model 2019
  • possible driver issue - multiple monitors
  • possible hw issue - defective graphics card
  • possible issue - particular games crashing

what you can do now is try to play with memory - try with XMP profile and without, and with one monitor

If nothing helps then in my opinion you will have to consider RMA options, I would start with graphics card, AMD is sometimes doing things that lead to increased RMA rate - i.e. 5600 scandal


Did a tests today, with one monitor, all done on "Cloudpunk", one of my problem games. Even with XMP on with the timing tables for my memory its still crashes on the conditions listed. With XMP on I have no problems with any other games other than "Cloudpunk" but I am the only one getting these kinds of crashes from their game. The one time crash with Destiny 2 couldn't be reproduced. Connections to my monitors are DP>HDMI converter and crashed. Did pure HDMI connection from card to monitor same error. PSU from what I can see from boxes and images online, it is the 2019 version but i still wouldn't know how to tell. Original store page from best buy here. Have heard from people with the same card that a clean install of windows can fix the issue but seems like a hassle to lose all data over one game when the game could just be a problem for AMD. Will consider doing a fresh install once I can buy another drive to migrate game over to.


According to shop your PSU is recent. Main issue is in your case memory in my opinion. There are memory settings that are hidden and those are set by motherboard, these values are supplied by motherboard manfufacturer for memories in QVL.

Can you buy QVL memory sticks to try and return them if your system is not fixed? You would exclude memory issues and then only remaining would be driver issues or particular game issues. (there are still some minor possibilities such as faulty motherboard or incorrectly seated CPU)


OP can check CPU+RAM stability by using any reliable stress test (ex.: Prime95 - blend). 


Will do a proper stress test later today and will post the results.


Prime95 Blend test just done for 3+ hrs with full load and no problems. XMP was off and RAM speeds were at the motherboard default of 2133hz. Will do a full 24hr test when I have the chance to do so but as far as what this test has shown me it might not be a CPU + RAM stability issue because the crashes usually happen within ten minutes of play a game. 

I must stress for anyone reading this thread to remember my original post of the conditions my GPU is crashing. Others have come to this thread about their GPU crashing under normal day-to-day use. I must reiterate that my conditions of which my GPU is crashing is a very rare and very specific conditions and does not just happen from normal game play of 5hr+ or just in general use.


Clearly it's not a CPU+RAM issue if you had no rounding erros during 3h Blend run. There is no need for another 24h round.
Most likely the problem you have is GPU related, either the gpu unit is faulty at a hardware level or there is an incopatibility due to your multi-monitor setup.

"Destiny 2 I have suspicion with it not liking the AMD graphics software as Destiny sees it as an "overlay" even when not in overlay mode"
Destiny 2 is definetely not perfect from a technical standpoint but my personal experience with this game running on AMD system (Ryzen 3600/5700 XT) on 1440p 144hz single monitor is decent overall. I've played it at least for couple hundred hours on this system switching graphic settings very often (low preset for PvP; highest with DoF - high, Shadows - High, FoV maxed for everything else) + opening radeon overlay and metrics overlay and had no crashes into black/green screen at all. 

I would suggest to disconnect your second monitor and to try reproducing green screen crashes with a single monitor setup. If you won't encounter the issue with a single screen then at least you can be sure that it's not an issue with your particular GPU unit and changing it to another 5700 XT likely will not help. 


That's not correct. I even contacted the manufacturer of my board, Gigabyte, and they told me to check the recommendations of G.Skill and Corsair, since they have updated lists of compatible memory, 

I had a similar problem with a new build, sometimes there was still sound, but mostly it was just both screens turning black and an instant reboot.

After changing GPU for another custom 5700 xt, changing PSU to a 750 platinum and every tweak I could find (2 different PCIe-cables for GPU, set PCIe-slot to 3rd gen, since I use a x570 board, updated Windows, GPU drivers, reinstall drivers without setting any profile when installing, installing 5 different older GPU drivers and many more), I contacted AMD and told them what my problem was. 

For me, the solution was to change my memory. I have the 3800 xt which safely supports up to 3200 MHz, I was using 3600 MHz memory. After changing it in my bios to 3200 MHz, it was stable and the crashes were gone. I then changed to a 2x8 GB cl14 G.Skill Flare X, single rank (F4-3200C14D-16GFX) kit, got the timings a little tighter 14-14-13-28, so it was still safe according to DRAM Calculator for Ryzen. I even overclocked the GPU a little now, haven't had any problems since.

I hope that helps!


I have this problem too, black screen and freeze issue. Many people said it's caused by PSU. Did you already try to change PSU?

As its a new build i cant see myself replacing it as of now. If you do know any kind of advice on what PSU I should be looking to replace mine with that would help a lot. Even though I might not believe it might be the cause, I'll take any information I can get.

Adept I

I do not agree with some points shown, the problem is a software or bios, i have a Sapphire rx 5700 xt + that two months ago and I have the same problems with the green screen sometimes using photoshop or illustrator the problem appears.


I found this post exactly because I have the same problem and there is no solution until today, because the increased responses and the various users of the 5000 series are having problems, just use google on reddit and various forums related to it.


This same problem happened in the past and now it happens again.


I hope AMD solves this I am tired and disappointed.

Adept I

Having the issue here with my Red Devil 5700XT , happens at least once a day during games. Green Screen and then PC restarts.

Adept II

Ok i personally have experienced this green screen and resolved it.

1. Get Display driver uninstaller from Guru3d

Videocards - Handy Utilities 

2 Restart your machine in safe mode.

 3 Wipe ALL AMD graphics drivers ( do it twice if you like)

4 restart the machine in normal mode.

5 Download AMD driver 19.12.1 from Guru3d

AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 19.12.1 driver download 

6 OK now here is the important part choose "custom install"

The installer will try to get you to download the latest drivers so make sure you select 19.12.1

Now.... in the install screen there will be features checked to install.

Make sure everything is UNCHECKED except the DRIVER ONLY

 restart the machine Also make sure that the graphic drivers are NOT set to automatically update.

This "DRIVER ONLY" fix resolved ALL my shudders and crashes.

Now if you feel the need to Overclock try Sapphires Trixx application.

ALSO: If you are running a Ryzen processor , go to AMD and update the chipset from there. Also make sure the motherboard bios PCI express version is set to version 3 and not automatic. 

I have already gone through the process of using their software to remove the driver and do a clean install. Though I didn't use the driver you suggested. I will give it a try today and get back to you. Recently it has only been crashing on the game "Cloudpunk" if you or anyone else has it and can test it out as well that would help.


When you mean install Driver only do you mean to not also install the radeon settings software and if so do I even need it?


well, i did eventually install the Radeon control panel for 19.12.1 because it is from the WattMan application that you can adjust the fan settings.  the factory fan setting are way too low for the temps involved in my opinion 

Adept I


I fix the problem on my Sapphire RX 5700 xt nitro +.

1) Remove the current driver with DDU, remove it completely!

2) Install version 19.9.2-sep23

3) Disable hardware acceleration in google Chrome.

My problems were resolved after several searches in various forums.

The solution found at this point was this. Hope this helps.


What were the reasons and conditions for your crashes? This may help but I don't think the issues should be counted as being related unless we are both experiencing crashes for the same reason. As someone has suggested this already I will be giving this a try to see if it clears up my crashes. My card is not crashing from normal use and I also don't see how chrome's hardware acceleration will have a play in my issue when I have already stress tested my CPU+RAM to be stable for now. Thank you for the info.



I had 3 failures 30 minutes ago. I used Adobe Suite (photoshop and illustrator) so the same problem happened again. I will follow the old_noobette guide and soon post updates.

If that doesn't solve, I will sell my 5700 xt unfortunately AMD plays with its consumers.


paulomed, you should really start your own troubleshooting thread where you provide all information about your system

Otherwise your conclusions are illogical, why would you sell card when you should rather RMA this card, you do not know if it is defective or not, in case it is defective you would sell defective card as nondefective or what?

The problem is about software and what I want to make clear and in all the tests I did was very clear!

The problem is related to the Windows update, how do I know?

I did a clean installation of Windows, applied the 20.4.2 driver (I did not update Windows) and my system remains stable, both for work and for games. Need for speed The heat always has a green screen and, so far, no problem, the system is stable without fail.

Today I will do all the updates in Windows to test and test if the system will remain stable.

If there were any problems with the card, she would not be able to withstand the various stress tests that I have been doing like FurMark for one hour in a row when I take the limit or aida.

I'm sure this is a software problem, apps like photoshop and others from adobe use graphics acceleration.

It may seem illogical, but the problem is illogical and we have to test all the possibilities, because it is not an RMA reason. If you send your card to the RMA it will not fail the tests. The only way is to find out by testing where the problem is.


i7- 8700
16GB DDR4 3000mhz RAM
Gigabyte Z370 HD3
Sapphire RX 5700 xt Nitro +
Windows version 18363

Browser (I'm not using google chrome, I'm using firefox.) Some Reddit users witness chrome graphics acceleration issues.


I agree with Trek. It is why I made it a point in my replys to list the conditions of your crashing and to see if they are the same as my, otherwise you could have a completely different issue.

Adept I

I can do a screen recording of the steps if anyone wants but the steps I did to fix it was the following:

1. Download the 20.4.2 Radeon 2020 Drivers.
2. Download DDU.
3. Extract the 20.4.2 driver .exe file. (As long as you have 7Zip installed you can extract the actual .exe file)
4. Restart the PC into Safe Mode without Networking.

5. Once DDU is opened when in safe mode look to the right of the program select device type click on GPU. And the checkbox underneath make sure it is set to AMD.

6.Once this is done click on Clean and Restart.

7. Once you have restarted everything will look blurry or low res as there is no driver installed.

8. Open up windows search and look for device manager.

9. Once the device manager is open click Display Adapters.

10. Should be a device called Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

11. Right-click on this device and click update driver.

12. Then Click browse my computer for driver software.

13. Then when you do this you will need to locate that driver file you extracted at the beginning. And point it to the Driver folder inside of the extracted file.

14. Mine would be this:  \Desktop\win10-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20.4.2-apr23\Packages\Drivers

15. Then click next and it will install the driver.

What this does is install the driver only and without the Radeon software, this fixed my green screen crashing issue so far on my 5700xt as I played 6 hours of gta5 online with no crashes. So, there seems to be an issue with Radeon software rather than the driver itself.

If anyone is struggling to understand this I will redo it all and have a screen recording to show how it's done.

If any additional crashes occur I will edit the post accordingly.

So this is similar to Old_Noobettes conclusion of installing the driver only. Will follow this guide to get the latest driver in instead of an older one and will see if this elevates my issue. If it is really the Radeon software causing issues it's a real shame then.

This is my first build I've done and if this is how AMD cards are going to be then they have completely turned me off from using their cards in the future.

I agree it is a bit disappointing and hopefully, AMD sees this. But yeah the first-ever PC I've built with a Ryzen 3900x and 5700xt and issues have occurred with the GPU drivers. But to be honest I've never had issues with AMD drivers before until now with previous computers.

Well hopefully this fixed the issue otherwise I'm going to have to RMA this

card and will be out of a computer for a while which will be mind numbing

but I rather be done with this issue.

Their CPUs are great but the impressions I get on their cards are buggy as


Your conclusion is not fair, Nvidia has also issues with some series of cards, e.g. 2080 Ti which costs much more than 5700xt. I am still testing my card, for now ok, but if it will start crashing, I will also RMA it.

This whole "driver" situation is crated by people not willing to RMA their defective cards, which is illogical. They probably do not have spare graphics card and do not want be without PC.


The fact that my friend with the same card had to RMA twice with the same card. The fact that My friend's computer that he gave me before I built my own was a 1070 and I never had a driver crash, says something. The fact that installing the driver without having the software installed just to make the card stable, says something. 
Having one experience with nvidia cards and one experience with AMD cards nvidia is 1/1 right now, seems fair to me. Anecdotal experiences other than my own aren't gonna determine my opinion on the card I own. Don't care how much more or less expensive something is compared to something else. All I expect is for something to work if I buy it, if it doesn't it deserves all its criticism. Not saying AMD bad Nvidia good. Whether the "Driver" issue is a product of people not turning in their defective cards or not doesn't matter because either way a problem exists. Doesn't matter what you label the problem, bad driver or defective card, it's still a problem.

Yes something was lost when AMD dissolved the ATI branch.

I was a ATI fan for many years , since late 1997. 

but something has changed . The amount of configuring and tweaking needed to install a 400 dollar RX 5700 graphics card in a current windows system is just unacceptable.

And the fact that many retailers are no longer offering refunds on the RX 5000 line , but replacements only, tells us that even they realize this is a problemed item.

Other things i have noticed since ATI was dissolved is AMD's lack of enthusiasm for their own graphics products.

For example: the screensavers are gone, the desktop backgrounds are gone , the demo's are gone. Even Ruby is gone.

In contrast,

if you go to the Nvidia site you can find things like these, that show Nvidia's zeal for their product.


There are zero issues with AMD drivers.

What you see in known issues section in driver release notes are issues caused by somebody else but AMD, but because everyone is pointing fingers on AMD, they must solve it for somebody else as workaround in drivers - e.g. lazy game and application programmers causing TDR, AMD software team just sweating blood to create workarounds for problem somebody else caused.

In your case, I suppose you built your computer, and you were not even able to choose compatible components as motherboard manufacturer certifies. You are also pointing fingers on AMD and you cannot admit that maybe all problems were caused by you.

What I recommend - take ownership of problems, take extreme ownership. See following video Extreme Ownership | Jocko Willink | TEDxUniversityofNevada - YouTube 

Maybe you will realize that it is not AMD who created problems here, maybe it was somebody else.


As someone who touts their pseudo intellectualism and logical thinking, by suggesting I educate my world views with a TED talk no less, you're not very bright.

If there are Zero issues with AMD drivers why update, why make patches? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I didn't make this thread to bash on AMD, nor did I want to awaken some triggered fanboi that can fathom that the company he loves can be flawed. I don't care about AMD vs Nvidia politics. I just care about the components I buy to work. And as other people have already stated, the "Ram isn't on QVL, so bad build" argument to not hold water, you can drop that already. All I care about is fixing my issue and I can care less whether I keep the card and it work fine or return it for an Nvidia one.

"Some games may exhibit stutter intermittently during gameplay on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products."

      Stuttering on games for no reason, must be my fault, bad build.

"Desktop or In-game corruption may occur intermittently when HDR is enabled."

     Feature they added doesn't work properly, must be my fault, bad build.

"Some users may still experience black screen or system hang issues during extended periods of gameplay. AMD will continue to monitor and investigate reports of these issues closely."

    Card/Driver doesn't work properly, must be my fault bad build.

"Using Edge™ web browser to playback video content with a multi display system configuration may cause a system hang or crash after extended periods of use."

     Modern consumers can't use two displays that's absurd, we cant handle that many, must be my fault bad build.

"Enhanced Sync may cause a black screen to occur when enabled on some games and system configurations. Any users who may be experiencing issues with Enhanced Sync enabled should disable it as a temporary workaround."

     Don't use this feature, our competitor has a less buggy version working but just don't use ours until we fix it. We did we release it broken? Must be your fault for using it, bad build.

Again I love their chipsets but for you to take my opinion as invalid and unfair and to be triggered by it just relays to me you lurk forums just to make points about how great AMD is. All these consumers are wrong and should never doubt AMD

trek wrote:

There are zero issues with AMD drivers.

I explained already why there are zero issues with radeon drivers. AMD fixes problems for somebody else (they compensate errors in games and application - which looks like error in drivers), the same holds for Nvidia, they also fix many issues for somebody else. List of known issues in Geforce driver is also not empty - but this list does not imply that those issues are AMD or Nvidia issues. They just took ownership of these issues in order to help their customers.

I am trying to explain that you have perhaps hardware issues - you built your computer and your issues can be caused by any component, have you contacted motherboard manufacurer, etc? Have you tried swap memory modules, power supply, motherboard? Try card in different PC, try other operating systems.

I do not beleieve that your issue will be soon solved by some driver update. Number of users affected is probably less than usual RMA rate on graphics cards.


"There are zero issues with AMD drivers."

Whoa whoa there fella,,

we are LITERALLY seeing thousands of reports on line of the RX 5000 series crashing and black screening and green screening while in simple OS desktop activities. There a numerous testaments that rolling back to pre 2020 drivers increases stability.

And Yet  you stand on your soap box and blindly blame game developers and say "There are zero issues with AMD drivers"  Are you literally blind or just cant read English?? 

What are you going to do next?... Blame Microsoft for releasing a OS years before the RX 5000 hardware and Adrenaline drivers were designed???

Because that's the kind of logic you are using.

There are zero issues with AMD drivers, I confirmed it today at least once again in other forums where user replaced his quality Seasonic 1200W PSU early 2018 model with other and all "driver" issues suddenly disappeared.

I explained that many times here and put links where it is demonstrated that one need modern PSU (and possibly not Seasonic 2018 and older, they seem to have issues) to avoid issues.

I know that there are zero issues with AMD drivers and it is proven each and every day by users that were able to put aside their ego - hubris causes that those people PCs are locking up.

People that built their own PC must take extreme ownership of all issues with that PC.

For now there are 2 main categories of instabilities - PSU and messed windows installation, fix is easy new PSU (Evga or Corsair), reinstall windows.

Then many people are overclocking but they are not good at it, they must reset bios to defaults, update bios to the latest.

Even if there is thousands of reports, it is some very small percentage, those people should buy prebuilt PC, Mac or something because building PC and having hubris is a deadly way to unstable system.


1200W LOL!!!!

If thats the kind of power  the RX 5700 need to be stable AMD should definitely list that as "Minimum recommended power supply" because then they could save themselves a bunch of negative feedback LOL

As it is they list the "Minimum  recommended power supply" as a 650w   

So if it takes a 1200w PSU to power the thing stably.... then AMD is lying and using false advertising