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Adept I

RX 5700 XT Black screen randomly


anyone else have this problem?

when I have a game open and I'm on the internet or watching a video I often have a black screen and I have to restart the pc.

Since ~ 1 month

I hoped that

Fixed Issues

  • Enhanced Sync may cause an intermittent black screen to occur during gameplay and video playback using extended displays and toggling Enhanced Sync.


solves this issue but its not the case


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Adept II

Yes, this has been happening to many others for months now, with experimental drivers it also happens when ALT+Tabbing. Also this happens even if Enhanced Sync is disabled.

Try installing the 22.5.1 WHQL driver as a minimal installation or driver only if you don't care about any features, I installed the minimal one and no black screen for 3 weeks now (Nothing enabled but FreeSync and 10-bit colors, gradually enabling to check cause).

Some people recommend disabling hardware acceleration, that's not always the solution.


I'm using RX 6750 XT

Thanks I will try !

But yeah you are right, It happens often when Alt+Tab


That happened to me twice a long time ago. Simply turn monitor off and back on. I wonder if cheap monitors (like I used to have) have some problem with freesync implementation or something.


Then again each time I turn the lights on to my fluorescent desk lamp, monitor goes black for a second. Same extension cord.


I tried with monitor but it seems that it has nothing to do with monitor


Stick cable to another port behind GPU.

Try another cable.


It's purely a driver problem, had the same issue (hope I solved it), here is a list of everything I tried before installing minimal:

1. Disabling hardware acceleration on everything (Discord, chrome, Zoom, etc)

2. Disabled XMP and ReBAR

3. Tried HDMI and DP

4. Tried different monitors and different PCs

5. Turning screen off and on

6. Reinstalling the same driver

7. Installing different drivers (Stable and experimental)


I have the same card and have seen those issues before. I have no issues on 22.5.1 full install.

When the issue happens you could try pressing Ctrl+Shift+Win+B to reset the display driver. Half the time or so it can recover that way.

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Weird, I had this issue with the full installation, could be something that was enabled which I haven't finished checking yet.

Journeyman III

Did you find a solution? I'm having the exact same problem


Yes, common problem. Check this thread out:


The temporary solution (and what fixed it for me) is to disable the MPO. There's a link (on the nvidia website) in the thread linked above and they have both a registry file for disabling and enabling the MPO in case disabling it didn't help.

Journeyman III

I've had this issue ever since i got the 5700 XT no matter what driver version or clean install.
Like described in many other topics, for me it's Freesync causing it. Turning off Freesync makes the problem go away. If i pop in my old RX580, Freesync works fine so seems to be specific for the 5700XT.