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RX 5700 - Multiple issues (long/informative)

So recently I've bought a RX 5700, a GIGABYTE RX 5700 GAMING OC to be more specific, and I've been having a TON of issues, with it, and I wanna know if those might be software or hardware-bound, I've decided that I'll wait for the next 2 driver release and if I'm unsatisfied I might refund my card and get a Nvidia card.

Okay here's my build:

Ryzen 7 2700x (8c/16t 3.7-4.3GHz) with Wraith Prism cooler,


2x8 GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 2400MHz

I have 1 x 2 TB 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda HDD

I have 3 SSDs, my Windows is installed in a WD Blue NVME SSD

Windows 10 Education (x64 duh) LATEST VERSION

IMain monitor: MSI Optix 24" 75Hz AMD FreeSync 1ms 1080p

Secondary Monitor: Acer 24" 60Hz IPS 1080p

And obviously my RX 5700

So as of now I've had nothing but issues, I'm gonna try to make my explanations clear, by grouping my issues by games then by driver release.

Note that none of these issues were happening with my GTX 970.


Battlefield V: The REASON I upgraded my PC, on older drivers the game is unplayable with constant frame drops, with newer drivers, the game seems to run fine (still stutters) but will randomly crash, like my TWO monitors suddenly become black for a good 4 seconds and then I'm kicked back on my Windows desktop. Haven't been able to finish a match yet.

Far Cry 5: Seems to run flawlessly at first, but as you start driving around, some microstutters show up at a relatively consistant interval of 3-4 seconds.

Dirt Rally: Game runs absolutely flawless

Dying Light: Since today I get some minor audio losses at again, a stable interval, but then it stops and runs flawlessly.

DOOM: depending on the driver, it either runs flawlessly (old drivers) or is a stuttery mess (2020 Adrenalin drivers)

Assassin's Creed Unity: Game generally runs fine actually, slight texture flicker and some stutter in specific parts of the map.

The Division 2: Runs fine until you reach the surface, then it becomes a stuttery mess, whatever the driver.

League of Legends: Flawless

GTA V: Runs mostly flawlessly, for some reason when I started driving around the place with the Wind Turbines in the desert, it became HELLA stuttery.

Just Cause 3: generally stuttery whatever the driver I use, especially when first loading up the world, then it kinda calms down.


19.11.3: seems to be the most stable driver as of yet, but still not perfect, this is the one where games like DOOM and Far Cry 5 are the most stable, and Battlefield doesn't crash with this driver I think... if I touch MSI After Burner with this driver, BSOD, if I get out of sleep mode, BSOD, some games? BSOD. It BSODs alot.

20.1.3/20.1.4: Similar, makes most games stutter alot more, has this SCARY bug where when I load up a game, the loading screen will just flash pink, as showed in my attached image, again some crashes there and there and generally a bad experience, noticeably less BSODs, though.

20.2.1: To be honest... really not much of an improvement over the others, the issue with pink flashing in loading screens still present, and this is the driver where I currently have issues with my Battlefield V crashingm it's almost like the driver itself crashes, still alot of stuttering.

SO HERE'S MY ISSUE: this SEEMS to be a driver related issue because some games run flawlessly, and Unigine Heaven is an easy task for this GPU, but some other games are unplayable and some others barely playable, I've had multiple crashes and BSODs, yes Enhenced Sync is turned off, no my windows didn't put my monitors to a weird frequency, my temps and clocks seem fine...

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