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RX 5700 crashing,black screen,green screen,no signal on display possible FIX

Hello,around 2-3 weeks ago i purchased an RX 5700 and since the day i got it,i started getting black screens with signal loss on monitor,as well as sometimes green screen,the only solution when that happened was to force shut down PC and start it back up to be able to use the PC again,waiting didnt help.

After a while i started doing alot of fixes,trying to figure out what to do to make it stop crashing every once in a while,and today i found out what makes my RX 5700 crash

its the MSAA option

wallpaper engine uses MSAA 4x,that program has been known to crash PC for some AMD users in similar or same way as for me,also i tried using MSAA 4x and higher on different games,and it would instantly crash my PC,did it multiple times as well,same thing always,once i switched back to FXAA,PC was fine,no crashes

Im not really sure where to post this so AMD can check it,and fix it,so im doing it here,i hope some1 sees it and it does get fixed soon

Thank you

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We have an existing thread on this issue, please use that to provide your feedback and check for status updates. 

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If there was a driver problem with MSAA, AMD would fix it immediately. When you use MSAA, GPU TDP will usually be decreased. When GPU TDP decreases, GPU core clock speed will increase. So when your GPU's core clock speed increases, the risk of system crashes increases for you. If you decrease turbo clock frequency slightly with WattMan for your GPU, the problem is probably solved. I also recommend that you do not change your WattMan settings unless you need to. 


never touched wattman or anything,and in multiple games so far,when MSAA in the game is used,for some reason it wont load character,or some part of the screen,u will see like a 3d images made out of black lines,after 2 sec it crashes the PC,and no,amd never fixes problems immediately,the problem of games crashing has been here since rx 5700 released,updates are coming out,and ton of ppl still have same issue,alot of people returned their GPUs and went for nvidia,now,i dont know what or why it crashes,i just said my experiences,could be different for different users,but this is what ive experienced so far,and ive been crashing since i bought my GPU each day,even now i still crash

rx 5700 has issues with older titles such as WoW or league of legends,those games crash regardless to antialiasing or w/e

Follow this way...

Run Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings > Global WattMan > Reset
And then click Frequency(%) and make this to Frequency(Mhz).
And then click Voltage Control(mV Automatic) and make this to Voltage Control(mV Manual).
Set the voltage from 1201mV to 1150mV.
Reduce the frequency corresponding to 1150mV voltage by 100Mhz.
And then click Apply.
And then try a game that gives error.

These changes will reduce the possibility of a system crash if your GPU is increased turbo frequencies. If you still can't get good results, it may be a different problem. 


Also, green screen error usually occurs when Windows 10 is not updated. And no-signal error usually occurs when the PSU is not enough. The vast majority of users who already have similar problems are using PSUs, which seem to be sufficient but do not provide the required ampere. In short, there is no problem with AMD display driver's support for MSAA or old games.

Adept II


 How do you switch back your anti-aliasing to FXAA? I also have a 5700 and Radeon settings for AA method starts with Multisampling, then Adaptive Multisampling, then Supersampling. Unless you are talking about ingame settings, there is no Radeon setting for FXAA.

 Strange is that my black screens/no signals come more often from Ubisoft titles than anything else (Assassin Creed, Watchdog, Division, Ghost Recon...).


i was talking about ingame settings

also RX 5700 cards have problems with older title games such as WoW or league of legends,etc etc,those will crash regardless of antialiasing settings

my post aint really a fix,its more of a way to minimize crashes,but if ur playing certain games like league of legends,it will not fix it at all

but its also a post so AMD sees it,and checks the issue

1 other thing ive noticed is that,when im on voice chat on discord with friends,the PC will crash more often then normally,can crash up to 5-10 times within 1h-2h

Community Manager

We have an existing thread on this issue, please use that to provide your feedback and check for status updates.