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Adept I

RX 5700 - Black screen, Freezing, Games Crashing


#rx 5700

I'm an engineer, assembling desktop gaming stations for over a decade.

I am also a gamer, streamer and community contributor for many game titles.

Please see my detailed description of the issues.

If you should have more questions, I'm willing to test some beta solutions on my gaming station if needed, just drop me an email.


Describe the issue:

  • Black screen while gaming, unable to get back to the game (sound still on) need to kill process from task manager
  • Freezing game (restart of a PC required)
  • Flashing screen while gaming


Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE

  • Latest BIOS
  • No errors after 48H stress testing


Kingston Fury, DDR4, 16 GB,3200MHz, CL18 (HX432C18FB/16 )

  • No OC
  • No errors after 48H stress testing


Kingston A1000 480GB PCIe x2 NVMe (SA1000M8/480G)

  • Tested, no errors


AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, 3.8GHz, 32MB, BOX (100-100000022BOX)

  • BOX cooler
  • Latest AMD Ryzen Master driver
  • Tested in Prime for 48H - no errors


Asus RX5700-8G 8GB GDDR6 (RX5700-8G)

  • No OC profiles
  • Unable to test (same errors during 3D mark)


XFX XTR2 750W Full Modular (80+ Gold, 6xPEG, 120mm, Single Rail) -P1-0750-XTR2

  • Tested on full CPU load for 48H - no errors


Main: AOC CQ32G1 - Secondary: Philips 200V4LAB2/00 

  • Main with 2560 x 1440 resolution and 144Hz
  • Secondary with 1600 x 900 resolution and 60Hz


 Windows 10 Home 64bit EN

  • version 1903
  • fresh installation
  • Latest update: September 10, 2019—KB4516058 (OS Build 17134.1006)

Driver Version:

Latest tested: Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.10.1

  • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.9.3- not fixed
  • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.9.2- not fixed
  • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.9.1- not fixed
  • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.2- not fixed
  • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.7.5- not fixed
  • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.7.2- not fixed

Game tested:

All games on maximum details with 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution

  • World of Warships (latest update) - black screen after 20 minutes to 1 hour from the start of the game
  • War Thunder (latest update) - flashing black screen after 20 minutes to 30 minutes from the start of the game
  • Need for Speed shift 2 - freezing and flashing black screen after 20 to 30 minutes from the start of the game
  • Minion Masters (latest build) - working only on full hd windowed setting, while on full screen - freezing PC
  • League of legends (latest patch) -  flashing black screen after 20 minutes to 30 minutes from the start of the game

Steps to reproduce the issues:

Just start the game and play for a while, sometimes 20 minutes to 1 hour and crash appears.

Troubleshooting performed:

All on fresh OS installation

  • Tried all mentioned drivers above
  • Tried to set maximum cooler speed via wattman - no results
  • Tried disconnecting secondary display - no results
  • Tried on default windows drivers - no results
  • Tried disabling few services - no results
  • Tried on non native full HD resolution - no results
  • Tried 75Hz display setting - no results
  • Tested system on geforce 2070 - WORKED FINE!

As for now, it looks like it might be either drivers fault or I actually have a faulty graphic card.
I will wait for AMD resolution for about 2 weeks and if none provide, will sell this card and go for NVIDIA.
Shame on you AMD, I really tried your equipment after a long break, only using Intel+NVIDIA.

Seems that you will never learn 

Thanks in advance for any solution.
MefistO Gamer

FYI amdmatt
Also: Graphics
Thread in: RX 5700 XT Random Black Screens When Gaming

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Adept III

These sorts of problems unfortunately seem relatively common on 5700/XT builds.  I also have an x570/5700 build and although I don't get black screens I've been getting a great deal of blue screens.  You need to check event viewer to see what errors if any are logged and even better use something like WinDbg to determine the application or driver causing the issue.  My issues all point to AMD drivers and for that reason I don't think mine is a hardware issue. 

A common thread among people getting black screen issues are multiple monitors.  I have a suspicion that it's related to two monitors with different refresh rates because when I set both monitors to 60 Hz things get better.  It also likely has something to do with the particular monitor setup in terms of cables used. 


I am using two monitors, same resolution and refresh rate (1920x1080@60) and I get black screens nevertheless.

Adept I




Yup, I've tried yesterday completely removing my secondary display (completely detached cable).
RESULT - I had few black flashes after 1H of gaming in World of Warships and was able to play for 3 hours straight, but after first hour, there was a significant drop of performance (from 75 to 48 FPS) and game started to lag a bit.
Game finally crashed with in game internal error after 3 hours.
Tested on the most stable: Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.7.5

Funny thing, after game crashed, adrenalin soft also crashed.

Kind of sad thing is to not be able to preview my stream on secondary display.

Will do more tests today.


More fun, yesterday error and forced kill via task manager straight after starting league of Legends match, lol.
Now I have high FPS in World of Warships but also visible stuttering. 

I gues, will wait for new drivers then

Journeyman III

I'm having these same problems on an XFX 5700 card I bought from BestBuy when playing GTAV, Overwatch, and even sometimes all 3 of my monitors go black and the card just locks up while doing nothing at all on the desktop.  Never had any of these problems with my GTX 970 that I've been using for the past 4+years.

Journeyman III

Pretty much alike problems here, Black Desert Online sometimes goes black screen without display detection but the audio still play´s in the background and it totally kills my PC, I have to restar the system to gain control again, also; after last driver update GTA V will always crash at loadin screen even after mutiples clean re-installs and a totally fresh download of the game (86 GB) none the less. We need a quick fix to all these issues.

Adept I

Hi Folks!

I probably fixed my issues.

I've changed PCIEx mode in BIOS of my motherboard from: PCIE 4Gen to PCIE 3Gen

No crash for 3 days, no issues whatsoever.

World of Warships
War Thunder
Heroes of the Storm
Witcher 3
NFS shift
GRID Autosport
League of Legends
Minion Masters
Dota Underlords

Yet to be tested during the weekend:
Connecting secondary Display
Installing AOC Display settings software

Setting 144Hz on my main display
Use optimized MAX Graphic setting in Adrenalin software.

Will keep you informed on results of further tests


Journeyman III

Just posting this for anyone else with the same issue as me: I had MSI Afterburner active and that made my screens turn black and crash running games quite often (every 30 minutes, depending on game every few hours). Disabling / Uninstalling the afterburner helped a whole lot! I still get the crashes but it's very rare now.

Journeyman III

Hey my father is playing world of warships with the same graphics card and he has the same problems. I wanted to convince him that amd is better and cheaper but now he just wants an nvidia graphics card...

Not applicable

I used to get same issues with RX 580. Though its because I had an AVR in between the display and the card or I was using multi monitor setups. Also try getting HDMI 2.1 cables or cables of the latest display port standard. Try using a single display and cable. It may also be an issue with the display settings to output. I noticed you mentioned gaming at 60hz! try setting your grahpics cards output/monitor settings to 59.964 as 60hz is actually slightly over 60 and may have issues with some output engines and bandwidth restrictions/limitations. It could also be caused by the colourspace being output by the graphics card and display. check to ensure you are gaming in RGB limited not full RGB as that may be an issue to, all it is to do with black levels really which you can adjust in HDMI displays to compensate you aren't missing out on a "full experience" with limited RGB, other than that if your display is connected to a TV or via hdmi cable consider trying ycbcr 444 or ycbcr 420 too. If you have tried to "calibrate" your display to a certain colourspace whatever you may have needed to do for work, sometimes changes to colour settings to windows can make game engines get conflicted a little/sluggish/confused and may impact on performance but sometimes it can make games really colourful and awesome looking too. Avoid setting your monitor to any of its higher hz settings and check your monitors input settings to be correct to match what your graphics cards outputting. For example RGB limited so your black levels should be correct and so on. Some displays need you to manually set the input format.

I suggest you also ensure you aren't running any audio software, try disabling onboard sound and in the sound properties of your audio device disable all enhancements and if you usually game in dolby atmos or something leave it to a different speaker configuration like 7.1 or 5.1 and try like that. Also check your audio sampling rates windows default is 48khz but sometimes 41khz or other settings can sound better however some games may have an issue with it.

Black screens and black flickering can be caused by CPU HSF being too lose or not enough thermal paste contact and it overheating for CPU or for GPU too check your temps for everything while in game.

It may also be just that you don't have the "other AMD" drivers installed or ones from your mainboard vendor. 

although AMD has adrenaline radeon graphics drives for download for your card, since you have an AMD computer try resetting your bios to defaults. Go to AMD's website and get the "chipset" drivers and possibly the AMD 'sata/raid' drivers or whatever as needed. After that if its still unstable check your mainboard vendors website for drivers too. The fact that the flickering happens after an hour could mean somethings timings wrong or its overheating usually.

It may also be that the default bios settings could be not entirely correct as they are the generic defaults. try underclocking your RAM down to the lowest MHz setting 1866 or whatever it lists in your bios. Also try enabling XMP profile for it if you haven't or disabling it if you have. Do you have any antivirus or other software running? If you'd been trying to overclock your GPU things like that will often happen, perhaps you've never overclocked it but maybe some questionable downloads turned your GPU/CPU into someone elses distrubted computing cloud, a zombie. I'm assuming you've tried a clean install of windows and minimal other software loaded in other than AMD drivers and steam or the game software.


With all those solutions,I might have a simple one: get a Nvidia display card.

Not applicable

If both monitors have the same resolutions and refresh rates, try enabling "clone" mode or disabling eyefinity maybe? Also it may be an issue with freesync. You may have your display set to freesync ultimate instead of regular freesync, freesync ultimate is a display standard that includes HDR settings and is meant for HDR gaming and freesync ultimate (freesync 2) displays will have ratings of various nits of HDR levels as proof its supposed to give you an optimal HDR experience but different display manufacturers or Microsoft windows 10 or maybe just game devs cant dev but whatever the reason its not really working right yet or maybe it only has support for select titles or something because everythings optimized for nvidia nobody ever stops to consider linking to AMD's code then testing it to make sure it works they just leave AMD features out entirely which is a shame as they're often much better. Basically you need to have your display set correctly in the monitors configuration as well as the software and even then as its a new standard it may need to be supported by the game or OS to work perfectly without flickering with freesync ultimate, but sometimes even with it working correctly you may notice a slight black flicker when the monitor is changing content resolutions and refresh rates or launching a new application for example switching to fullscreen exclusive mode where the game output will govern the display instead of the windows desktop. If freesync ultimate is giving you issues and flickering try with freesync basic (freesync 1).  But yeah you will need to press the menu in your monitor and navigate through to game mode or wherever the freesync settings inside your monitors menu are located by pressing using the TV remote or the monitors physical buttons built into it someplace and then enable freesync mode there, then go into your AMD adrenaline control panel and enable freesync there and try setting the hz to 59.964hz to start off with and ensure you have displayport 1.4 or hdmi 2.1 cable going directly from the graphics card and into the monitor without any video capture devices or splitters or audio receiver equipment or HDMI hubs or whatever else in between the display and the GPU. Then under gaming in your adrenaline software you want to add your game and create a profile for the game and set freesync from "AMD optimized" to "ON" just in case it wasn't enabling correctly for some titles or issues with detection. Even if you have done all of this previously changing display modes or input sources on the physical ports of the TV or monitor or picture/image profiles and settings in the monitor or TV or say a software or firmware update to the display may mean you will need to re-enable game mode and freesync inside your displays menu and picture settings. When I had black flickering I was certain my freesync was on and working previously so it never occurred to me that I switched the input ports at some point and needed to re-enable freesync in the display for that port and its input settings (my TV lets me select an input type like PC but game console is best as its like PC in latency but allows image enhancement but changing input source types or input ports resets all the settings for a new source).


Disable any "framerate caps" where possible things that say 60 or 50 or 75 whatever get rid of them set to unlimited and use "enhanced sync" which lowers latency vs conventional vsync and is a performance improvement over conventional vsync too and it removes the display cap of your monitors hardware. If your monitor is 1080p 75hz then no matter how you game you would never see fps output values of above 75 it will be constant 75. However assuming your graphics settings are configured to correctly output well over 75hz constantly for a smooth gameplay experience, enabling enhanced sync will make your gaming experience better and tear free while letting the game engine output numbers beyond 75. If you don't manage to get well clear of 75hz so the minimum fps doesn't drop below 75 try aiming lower for 60hz or even 50hz as this will allow for smoother gameplay remember ps4 and xbox one are almost all 30fps for titles like the witcher 3 or anything with graphics really and still have a fairly a smooth experience because the AMD graphics cards inside of them are being used correctly. if you are removing the cap with enhanced sync and adding a cap in the game engine or with FRTC and such it can be conflicting. Also try disabling GPU scaling unless you require it which is rare though it can greatly improve crispness and image quality of things like small text at 4k on high quality displays it can make your gaming experience a touch slower or less responsive when in use as the GPU is processing the image. You will not need integer scaling unless you are playing old CRT video games like super Mario brothers on a modern computer and monitor or display or classic games with blocky sprite/bitmap based artworks and other pixelated low res blocky artwork retro titles like maybe Warcraft 1 or Warcraft 2? and those retro games work fine without integer scaling they'll just look blurry sort of like if you were to use an old CRT TV to view them.  Are you running a directx 12 game? if so have you tried running it in directx11? Are you trying to use any game enhancement features like antilag or chill or boost or image sharpening and if so does the game meet the requirements of those features as some are only for dx9 and 11 or exclusively dx12 or vulkan or may only be available for a limited number of game titles at present. You may wonder whats so good about AMD's developing antilag and image enhancement if they are only available in directx 12 or select titles and so on, well AMD's SIMD and mainly hardware based technology means that there is minimal performance hit to the fps or gameplay as its pretty much being done at the hardware level, while nvidia uses the GPU processing power (software with GPU assist) to alter the graphics of the game which can slow gameplay by roughly 5 to 10% obviously higher resolutions would be impacted more but the software can work on almost anything that's being output. So although AMD's enhancements are ideal low performance impact and high quality in order for the hardware to work as intended it needs to meet some requirements from the game developers and directx. So you may think that nvidia's way of slowing gameplay down as much as you enhance the image for whatevers being output works for more games and is pretty universal you forget that AMD is a high end graphics product that focuses on quality for professional graphics use so they work hard not to compromise on performance or image quality for things like architectural design (often done in modern 3D game engines like unreal 4) or car design and other 3D CAD and graphics software. In fact the latest 2020 adrenaline drivers have been released and they claim something like a 12% performance increase over previous drivers I believe that's for every AMD card. So its not that Nvidia is better, its just a different approach and that game devs cant seem to dev at all or figure out how to use AMD hardware or haven't ever read the AMD supported features list before making a game for an AMD card or cant manage to link to AMD's code in order to make AMD products work as they should. The list of games that fully support all of AMD's latest features is slim to none but that doesn't mean AMD graphics cards cant run games they should work fine assuming they are set correctly and if there are one or two exceptions like destiny 2's bug was said to be at the CPU support level with certain models of AMD CPU that's something specific to the developers of that game since no other game had that problem ever.


Keep in mind head of AMD Lisa Su worked with IBM and Cray and designed super computers for a living so AMD hardware is very low latency and the zen architecture is only a year or two old cutting edge with smaller micron sizes meaning faster and denser and less power used but they actually use more power and run hot as intels CPU's so AMD computers are actually very powerful fast. Intels 10th generation of tweaking the same core design thing and reselling it since like Pentium 3 and 4? on the same old CPU architecture (maybe been going strong for 13 years now and hitting limits of its design?). I don't know how to say this but Sony and Microsoft and pro graphics artists and even companies like Apple which are famous for graphics and design all insist on AMD products. Apple is actually actively at war with Nvidia and has been for the longest time since nvidia sold them dodgy shipments of cheap nasty graphics cards that turned their macbooks into macbricks. Bill gates himself wrote a book or two and didn't stop talking about AMD. Researchers scientists and hardware engineers and even crypto miners all insist on AMD but nobody's ever figured out how to use an AMD product which is a shame not even Microsoft windows 10 apparently. Other than the very important and smart people who insist on AMD some people get physically excited over intel and nvidias latest benchmark numbers which actually don't make sense when comparing physical hardware specs and floating point units at all and have often been found to be not entirely accurate or true or outright faked over the years a number of times. Rather than rely on benchmarks test performance by lower latency how long a task takes to completion and actual gameplay  or real world use rather than specific driver and hardware targeted specially optimized benchmarks.

Adept III

I have been having an issue as well with a new 5700 straight from amd.  Looks like the reference design. So far i have only been getting  Battlefield 4 to crash.  Seems ok on the rest of the games so far.  But I did not have this problem with a 590  that I had.   only this card so far.  Looks like there are a ton of complaints about it.  So i have no solutions for you but you are not alone.   Thanks. 


At least my issues have all been resolved by disabling MSI Afterburner and updating to latest drivers (currently running 20.1.1)...