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RX 570 crashes on ALL Assassin's Creed Games

I recently acquired a sapphire rx 570 pulse, the question is that I can play all the games quietly, but the assassins creed's all crash on the prologue (unity just when i have to start walking and press shift, syndicate when i have to when I have to sabotage the first crank on the beggining, black frag just after the first cinematic, Assassins Creed Origins Crashes without any error after first cutscene/cinematic/video), at the beginning, I was reading similar post and say that it is something at driver level, since when crashing the game crashes the driver and blinks the screen for a while until it stabilizes ... some HWACC hardware acceleration i read..., I have windows 10 ltsb (1607) and driver 18.9.3, also tried with 18.11.1 and nothing .. .. I am despairing, the truth is that I have become quite disappointed, with nvidia I never had a single problem of this kind for many years.


Edit 1:On origins i get 62fp avg on very high preset, the benchmarks works just well, with driver 18.9.3 after the first cinematics the game insta crash to the desktop, with 17.11.1 i can fight about 15s when the cinematics end and the game crash again...

Edit 2: Now i tried the 17.6.2 and ALL is fixed, but with a performance lost... so what IS the REAL fix here? why this happends? how i fix this and i can use the lastest drivers?

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Adept II

FWIW, you have a really old version of Windows (1607). I would not be surprised the newest drivers are only supported or tested on the current version of Windows (1803 at the moment of their release). The 17.6.2 driver might work fine simply because when they were released, Windows 1607 could still be considered almost current since Windows 1703 was only 2 motns old.

So, the real fix could be to use a current version of Windows with the current version of drivers. If you want to stick with an older version of Windows, it's probably better to stick with older drivers. Which is also the idea behind the LTSB version of Windows, which is really meant for enterprise and not for gaming.

But it will work in that way? 100% sure? any performance gains? because i have 500gb on games installed already xD, thanks!


Can't tell for sure. But having a up to date Windows version will greatly help any troubleshooting if there's still issue. Right now, everything points at a compatiblity issue between the drivers, Windows and the games. Even more so that Windows LTSB isn't meant by definition to have any update outside of security ones, and certainly not graphic card for 3D gaming. If an update outside of security ones doesn't work, there isn't much to do other than going back that what was working since it's way LTSB is supposed to be used. And the older the LTSB version gets, the greater is the probability of a compatibility issue after a driver update...

LTSB was designed  for PC not needing the latest features but long term stability without any non essential updates. Since any of these could potentially cause issues with what is considered a critical piece of software. For example, think of a PC controling a medical equipment or a robot in a factory. You want them to stay secure, but certainly don't care about them running the latest version of Cortana or the latest graphic card driver supporting the latest games. It's kind of a "don't fix it if it ain't broke" Windows. And it's kind of difficult to predict what will happen when this system is updated with things that aren't supposed to be updated...

As noted in the sticky thread: Fixes for Game Crashes, Hangs, and Performance Issues:

Operating System Updates:

It is essential the operating system is kept up to date with the latest service packs and updates.

I know, it's a pain to reinstall everything. But you're at a crossroad: either you get everything up to date, or either you stick with the old driver for as long as it works. Which will still bring you one day or another to the first option, because a new game will require a newer driver or Windows version... It's really your choice...  


Ok thanks, i will wait for windows ltsb 2019, is near release so.. xD, i don't like the sick bloatware adware and spyware windows 10 stantard has and is....