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Journeyman III

RX 5600 XT low usage

Hi i have an RX 5600 XT and when i play CS:GO its staying at 40% GPU usage and i get 140 fps.This heapens in every game.The only time i got it at 99% usage was in snowrunner at ultra settings,but if i lower the settings it gets low usage and actualy worse fps.The cpu usage is allways under 50%.

My specs:

Ryzen 5 2400g

16 GB ram 2666hz (dual channel)

500w PSU 

7 Replies

You are experiencing a bottleneck problem.

Then my CPU should be at 90-100% usage, and it's not (average 40%), or i don't understand how bottleneck works.


Old games use the power of your CPU's single core, not all of its cores. You need a powerful single core performance, to reduce this situation...

It's not the CPU.I had it before the card paired with a gtx 970 and it got easily over 200 fps.And it has this problem in newer games like snoewrunner.It just doesn't work at max potential.I watched youtube videos with this combination and it was working fine.And some other people have this problem with more powerful CPUs.


If you want to solve this problem, you need a good processor with strong single core potential. Otherwise, you cannot solve this problem. Also, the CPU usage of AMD and nVidia drivers are different and their CPU-FPS are also different.

Ok it might be.Thanx. I will overclock the cpu maybe i get some better results.


For second generation Ryzens, one core is weak. And the AMD driver is not as good as nVidia. And it makes the weak single core even weaker. Third-generation Ryzens 3600 and betters are fine. However, some games give low FPS with Radeon+3rdRyzen. Goodbye...